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  1. Maybe I overlooked it but is there a simple way to rename multiple classes e.g. Door_123_green Door_123_red Door_123_black to Building-Door-123-green Building-Door-123-red Building-Door-123-black With the class and layer mapping I was not able to achieve this or is that the right tool for that job? Than I have to take a closer look.
  2. I tried with a new VW 2017 file and had no problems up to now, maybe it is a problem when opening a VW 2016 file in VW 2017.
  3. That is a very good question. I did not see any possibility or necessity to install the Content Libraries as Administrator. I use Windows 10 home, before that I used Windows 7 Pro. Do you think I have to start the packet manager with the Administrator option and run through the whole installation process again? When I start VW 2017 with the Administrator option I don't get the error prompt.
  4. Does anybody has the same problem? VW 2017 Landmark, Landscape Area Settings, after the manual alphabetical order of the column "Latin Name" (unfortunately there is no possibility of automatic alphabetical oder) the column looses the alphabetical order after closing the Landscape Area Settings. I think this is a bug, because after exporting the file to VW 2016 I do not have this problem, and I never had it before.
  5. I downloaded all, no change, I started VW as Administrator works fine, if I start VW normally I get the message again, I'm locked in as Administrator. It seems to me that I can't change the write access to the VW libraries.
  6. I downloaded already a lot of libraries for Landmark and Architecture but not the Spotlight libraries because I don't need them, so if I should download all to get rid of that message when starting VW ok, maybe I can unistall libraries later.
  7. Thanks Jim for your very quick reply, first I tried to set write access to the libraries folder, but it was reset the next time I opened the folder. The second thing is, that I would download a lot of librairies that I don't need if I set install all. Regards Uli
  8. Hi, I updated to VW 2017 Landmark, does anybody understand the attached messages that appear and stops at 2% when I open VW. Thanks for any advice
  9. I set them all to the same scale, then I saw them all. First I thought that I imported the problem by importing a sheet layer from another file.
  10. Hi, I have a problem with Design layer visibilities. I can see only one Design layer at a time (the active layer) whatever settings I make. Thank`s for any help Uli (VW 2016 Landmark./Win7 pro/16GB Ram/I5) Edit: Solved, a design layer was set to a different scale. Have a nice sunday.
  11. Hi, if I save a vwx (2015 or 2016) file to the Cloud Services and open it in Vectorworks Nomad, I can only see red rectangles instead of the symbols, which I see in the preview or in the original desktop vwx file. I had the same problems with the Export of some pdf files. Thank's for any help. PS. I had the same problem in Nomad 3.0, I hoped it would be solved with Nomad 4.0 and VW 2016 Win 7 pro VW 2016/15 Landmark 16 GB Ram
  12. Hi Alan777, thanks for your reply. I know about the way you describe but I don't want to type in any distance. I want to get the start and endpoint of an existing object or any other existing distance as a reference for scaling. Best regards Uli
  13. "If specifying the scale factor with the Symmetric by Distance option, click the button to switch temporarily to the drawing. Click to indicate the start of the segment, move the mouse, and click to indicate the end of the segment. You are returned to the Scale Objects dialog box, and the Current Distance value has been specified. Enter the New Distance for the Segment." Is it possible to indicate the start and end of an existing segment instead of entering a new distance? Would be much quicker. Thanks for any hint Uli
  14. Thanks for all the input. So I will wait, would be nice if the (re)organisation would work more simple.
  15. Is it possible to move classes hierachically without renaming each class e.g. I have the classes 1 2 3 4 5 and I want to move all to the hierachically higher class A e.g. A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 so that I than can collapse Group class A. I don't want to merge the classes. Thank you for any help
  16. Thank you for your answer, mainly I am looking for: quick 3D sketch of urban quaters, in georeferenced maps, far away from 0,0, very good and easy export and import of georef images, geofiles and 3d files, good printing results to pdf, easy resource library, long secure maintenance software development, stable quick software, easy companion to VW. Win7 Pro 64 bit VW Landmark 2014
  17. Maybe this was asked before, but do you think there are a lot of major additional advantages that Sketchup Pro 2014 has compared to VW 2014 Landmark, or what VW can't do? I am working in Landscape architecture and Urban planning. Thanks for your help I know I can download a Trial
  18. Maybe I found a workaround. I rotate the image fill e.g by 20?. On screen I see the tiling but no more white lines. I will see what I get printed.
  19. Hi JimW, thanks for the very quick reply, I am on SP 3. New clean file simple rectangle image fill Nature Gras, maybe you can see the problem if you do the same and zoom into the drawing, thats what I get printed. In a scale of 1:1000 I do not see much but in a scale of 1:500 I see it clearly.
  20. If I use image fills in e.g. polygons I get fine white square lines when I print them. The size of the squares with the fine white border lines correspond with the Image settings I length and J length. It seems to me that VW is tiling the image fill but not without grooves (didn't find a better word?) Does anybody know how to avoid these white lines or am I the only one with this problem? Thanks VW Landmark 2014 Win 7 Pro 64 Bit HP Plotter
  21. That is correct, even with a clean new drawing and the latest driver I don't get any change.
  22. Regardless what settings I make, I don't get any change in the preview window underneath. Do I miss something? VW Landmark 2014 Win7 Pro 64 bit
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