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  1. Hi, I used the information to write and test code. The searched layers were written in a text file. I noticed that not all layers were searched. Am I doing something wrong? Procedure Test; Var ... PROCEDURE SelectThem(oLayer :HANDLE); Begin hLayer := GetParent(oLayer); WHILE hLayer <> NIL DO BEGIN tempLayerName := GetLName(hLayer); hLayer := NextLayer( hLayer ); WriteLn(concat('LayerName: ',tempLayerName)); END; End; Begin ReWrite(fileName); Begin ForEachObject(SelectThem, ALL) End; Close(fileName); End;
  2. Many thanks to you, with this info I could finish my script.
  3. Hi together, i wrote some vectorscripts to read data from a project. To get ahead I would like to read all referenced/linked files from the project. Unfortunately I can't find a function for it. I want to get the same information in the script as if you click on Window -> Reference File. can anyone give me a hint? many thanks


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