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  1. Hi VW Community, I've just upgraded to a new computer, an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) and have just recently installed VW2022 as well. I'm still using an older second monitor (Benq GW2765). I'm currently experiencing this issue on both VW2020 SP6 and VW2022 SP 3.1. I've matched the resolutions of both screens to 2048x1152 When I drag a floating view pane over to the Benq monitor, the resolution of the view pane changes. Everything else stays the same when I drag between the two, Vectorworks main window, youtube, gmail, etc.. It only seems to be the floating view pane and I cannot figure out why. See the attached screenshots. iMac, looks normal, please note the selected rectangle. Benq Monitor, with entire VW window, looks normal, not as sharp as the retina 5K, but at least the same reso. iMac with floating view pane in front. Looks normal. Same viewport dragged over to the Benq. Note the selected rectangle. Why such a big resolution jump? Big nasty selection boxes. This has been happening with both VW2020 and 2022 (office in transition period). It was not happening with my 2015 iMac 4k retina display and this monitor. Why would only the view pane change resolution? Any help is much appreciated because I use a floating view pane quite a bit. Cheers! Bry
  2. Hi folks! I started a new project the other day, and noticed every line I hover over or select now shows these little direction arrows. How can I turn these off? They're annoying and make the lines look fuzzy/ unprofessional on zoom meeting share screens. All I can find on here is how to toggle on/off direction arrows in object preferences. I'm sure it's something simple I must be missing, any help on this is much appreciated! (Edit: Colleague found it! Smart Cursor Settings, Distance, Percent, 0) Cheers! Bry VW 2020, SP6. iMac (Retina 5k, 27inch, Mid 2015) 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2 GB
  3. Just got rid of Mojave today. Back to default Yosemite 10.10.5. Got absolutely tired of beach balls on both VW2018 and VW2019. Hoping this works for the time being, may try High Sierra but for now the beach balls are gone and I'm back to happily drafting and selecting text, polygons, etc. Bryden
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for your responses, the issue went away with the drawing over some time and different people working on it. I've still been experiencing freezing issues similar to the previous but now they are a little less predictable and can last for the same duration of time (5-10mins usually). I apologize for the delay, and not having the specs up yet, here they are. Thanks, Bryden VW2018 SP6
  5. Any updates on this one? Just ran into it using 2019 to get around another bug in 2018. Being able to turn auto-pan on or off would be great and to have it work like 2018 did would be awesome. It just takes too much time to auto-pan. Thanks, Bry
  6. Hi there, First post! Have been searching on the google but it seems no one has posted about this issue. While trying to select a reference marker tool in one file, Vectorworks freezes. It's been consistent in this file since this afternoon, I've tried shutting Vectorworks down, restarting the computer. I can quickly box select the markers and delete them if I'm very fast (tried dragging one from another file that I worked on all morning with no issues) but the problem still persists. Other files seem to be intermittently freezing on selecting the reference markers, but this one file freezes consistently. Haven't had an issue like this persist for this long in my short 2 years on VW. A colleague of mine opened the file on his computer with a different OS and he experienced no issues. It leads me to believe this may be a VW 2018 / Mojave issue? Going to keep at drawing to see if the issue maybe fixes itself, but any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks, Bryden
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