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  1. After setting up SMB, trying to open the model i experience these pop ups: What do i need to do to continue working in project sharing?
  2. What is the difference between SMB and AFP sharing? Trying to work out what is best for myself and one other to work in a model at the same point
  3. Kane

    Renovation Filters

    Hi all, I am still fairly new to VW working with a new practice, with a background in ArchiCAD. Currently the drawing templates are split into 3 separate models: Concept Planning Construction In ArchiCAD, the use of "renovation filters" allowed all work to take place in one model, assigning elements of the building to different stages of the project. Does VW provide any similar function? Thanks in advance.
  4. Very helpful response, thank you. I'm looking forward to rolling out this method although initially it sounds like there should be scope to develop project sharing within VW
  5. Yes, exactly what we are looking for. How can you transfer an existing model into a project sharing file?
  6. Hi everyone. I am fairly new to VW with previous software experience mainly in ArchiCAD. I am working for a practice and we've discussed having multiple users in a single file/model working at the same time. Now, in ArchiCAD there is a Reserve and release method, where you can research elements of the model to draw, and request to use reserved components from other users, where they can than release, freeing it up to use. Does VW offer a similar method, to allow for multiple users to work from the same file at the same time? Thanks in advance
  7. Kane

    Downloading 2018

    Hi, i am working with a practice that uses 2018. I have a license key for 2018 to use for my laptop. where can i download a 2018 version of Vectorworks architecture ?


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