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  1. It could have been so easy... any chance to get this done with a marionette-script? I can't find a node for the callout-object.
  2. @Pat Stanford Thanks for your input. I don't understand why this works with the polyline tool: This script allows me to draw a polyline on the class 060-Beschriftung and returns to the original active class after finishing the polyline. When I modify the script with the 'callout tool' it puts the new created Callout in the active class...
  3. @michaelk thanks for your reply but no, I want to creat a new callout with a specific class (060-Beschriftung) without changing the class by hand. The right question ist probably: How do i get the script to wait until I created a new callout and restore the original class afterwards?
  4. Hi There! I'm new in this forum and new to scripting. I've found Pat Stanfords script very useful but I'would like to rstore the ActiveClass and modified the script like that: but it doesn't work - the callout is still selected and the former active class is asigned. As Jesse Cogswell allready mentioned it looks like the script doesn't know when the tool is finished. I also tried PushAttrs/PopAttrs with the same solution... Can Anybody help?
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