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  1. Thanks Josh, I have used a texture bed but unfortunately I cannot see how to give it depth (for a section). Do you know?
  2. Hi I am new to Vectorworks and I am trying to figure out the best way to hardscape a slope. It is a winding, sloped pathway that becomes level at a few spaces (at the bends) (these are irregular shapes) I also have some reflective ponds to build in the level areas. I would like to use something that has a depth so that I can cut sections (showing all the hardscape layers) and I would like these to eventually be part of a bill of quantities report. What is the best tool/ combo of tools to use? Also, I cannot seem to get Pad modifiers with retaining wall right. It always seems as tho the retaining edge (one with vertices you can edit?) goes below the other edge. I cannot seem to get the elevation right OR the space between the two edges Please help!
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