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  1. Thanks @markdd! Both the options worked flawlessly for me! For future reference of answer seekers, here is a tutorial series explaining 3D toolset https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiLCoe7DU1HYttYfpY1eh9v2vmxoBJ8Mv
  2. Hi guys. I'm running into a problem when drawing a line in 3D. When I hover my mouse over the edge of the 3D object (at blue arrow) there appears this 3-axis cursor thing (at red arrow) that has the 3 axis' colours and what looks like a smartpoint where they meet in the middle, it follows my mouse position on the Z-axis, just a bit lower. As soon as I click the mini 3 axis cursor disappears and the line origin has started to draw from the 3-axis mirror cursor and not on the edge where my cursor actually was. I checked the Smart Cursor settings one by one and none of them seems to be the solution. I'm sure it is not a bug and that I'm missing something. Any help is appretiated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys. I'm trying to create my own Trussing symbols that are not available in the truss library. The problem I'm running into is when I create a symbol using the selected piece of truss and open it in another project, the imported symbol differs in size from what I have drawn in the project I used for modeling the piece of truss. I tried creating the symbol with unit type of world-based and page-based but no luck. The built in Truss library imports correctly no matter what the layer scale is. Thanks in advance! EDIT: My problem was that I created the symbols with Page-based units and not world based units.
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