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  1. Ya, again I think it would be particularly tough since there's four different configurations for it. I reached out to the vendor to see if they had one but I'll try ROE as well. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Does anyone know the air frame by ROE has an available .3d file? I searched their website but couldn't find anything. Has anyone made one for purchase? It has so many different configurations I imagine it would be kind of difficult, but just searching and wondering!
  3. Ah, yes. I'll give saved views a look. Thanks!
  4. Seems I was able to get around it by making the layer 2D.
  5. Hey all, Got a question about visibility- I'm wondering if it's possible to, when switching layers, automatically make specific layers (not all) not visible. Is there another way to mimic this?
  6. Got it. Editing the group rather than breaking and grouping again works. Thanks for the help and understanding!
  7. Gotcha, so I tried a number of different things, removing the clamp, removing its color and outline, and virtually every combination of base groupings, including the exact order of grouping that the default symbol uses, but it still gets blown out. Is there a way to remove things from a 3D symbol without ruining the whole image like a dumbdumb?
  8. Hey all, Trying to create floor fixtures and after editing the 3D model successfully (just removing the C clamp) when I place it in my project and try to rotate around Y axis, the model gets 'blown out' (the yoke disconnects from the base pieces). I've tried to mimic how the default model is grouped (base pieces grouped apart from the yoke and fixture) and then have tried other options to see if I could fix the issue to no avail. Any ideas here? (I'm *very* new to VW)
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