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  1. Hi all,


    Ran into a snag with the vs.GetLayer(h) command in marionette. Instead of returning a handle to the layer of the object, it returns a handle to the current layer in the document. What am I missing? Do I need to regenerate the object/something along those lines? I've attached a script with a modified Get Layer node that returns the name of the layer rather than the handle (just so it's easier to see what you're getting back). Any help appreciated!





    Get Layer.vwx

  2. Aha, didn't know there were different ways to grab the handle for the created text. The node would run once but crash on the second time for some reason with

    (a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(vs.FSActLayer()). Did some playing, this combination seems to be the winner:


    text = vs.CreateText('hello')   

    (a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(vs.LNewObj() )

    self.Params.out.value = b







  3. Hi all,


    Coding question for those who write their own nodes. Every time I try to run a node with the (a,b) = vs.TrueTypeToPoly(text) the program crashes - has anyone run into this/has any suggestions? I've attached a simple sample node that creates text and then uses the above command to turn it into poly lines. It doesn't crash if I don't try to assign the output to the tuple (a,b), but also doesn't convert the text.





    text test.vwx

  4. Hi Marissa,


    Thanks! Your script that extrudes rectangles works a charm. When I run the second one I encounter the error shown in the photo below - any thoughts? I can go ahead and rewrite a similar script based on your initial one, but figured I'd see if there's an easy fix!


    Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 9.39.26 AM.png

  5. Hi Antonio,


    Thanks! I've downloaded version 3.5 but am having trouble locating where to put them in the Vectorworks library. I'm following the instruction in the thread I linked above, specifically this paragraph:


    To install Numpy and Scipy on a Mac, use the description you got with these files. Make sure to install them where you can find them      later because you'll need to move them to another folder.

    Once they are installed just go to your Vectorworks.app and right-click it to enter the contents of the app ('show package contents'). Browse to Contents:Frameworks:Python.framework:Versions:3.3:lib:python3.3:site-packages and drop the folders "numpy", "numpy-1.9.3.dist-info", "scipy" and "scipy-0.16.0.dist-info" in there.


    Any thoughts? Much appreciated!


  6. Hi all,


    I'm attempting to install numpy in Vectorworks 2019 using the file Marissa provided in the thread above (VoronoiObj_v2017_CrossPlatform_MFarrell.vwx). It isn't working, I get an error message that says 'module numpy cannot be installed' when I attempt to move the object inside the file. Marissa, are there updates in 2019 that make the file from 2017 incompatible?





  7. Hi all,


    I'm trying to extract the outline of a wall (including window opening). Ideally I would then have a polygon in the shape of the wall elevation on which I could explore different facade designs. I'm new to Marionette, particularly with regards to pulling BIM object attributes into a script - any help appreciated!



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