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  1. Thank you! Your settings is what we've landed on as well. I appreciate you talking the time to let us know!
  2. Hello, I feel like I've tried every iteration of revit import I can, they all seem to have drawbacks. Can someone shed some light on your best practices? Or point me towards the information? The best results I've gotten it to import as vectorworks objects. My problem comes when there are angled walls (ex. exterior walls that join a slanted roof). Thanks!
  3. Yes! How can I do that? I used to just change the design layer for the device to make that happen and it would include all the arrow connections. When I try to do that now, everything selects on the devices except for the arrow connections. I can select the arrow connection by itself, but when I change the layer it changes BOTH sides of the arrow connection.
  4. Conrad, This file was born of a template that has evolved over different versions of VW. It encompasses custom layers, classes, etc, that allow us to build an entire construction drawing set (floor/ceiling plans, rigging layouts, High voltage layouts, connectCAD schematics) out of one VW file. When I upgraded to VW2020 my template was still available, so that's what I used to create this file. It's my first CC2020 schematic. I'd be happy to help you if I can.
  5. Thanks you to you both for the help. The template is a new VW2020 template that was built upon my original one. But the devices are mix of new object from connectCAD 2019 and new ones from 2020. I am using imperial units. I guessing that's now a problem? I did notice the issue with the Rack Units when I would try and build devices... I guess I need to go back and rebuild all of my devices in 2020..
  6. Ok. If we can get that could go on the list that would be great. It's a big one for me at least.
  7. Thanks for the reply. In the older version I would make a separate design layer for each page of schematic I had. When I had all the schematics sorted out I would then assign those via a viewport to a matching sheet layer page so the arrow labels would be correct. Is there a current way to get those appended layer names now?
  8. Hello, Can someone walk me thru how to get the bubbles on the end of arrow connections to show the page info that the other end of the connection is on? Every connectCAD I've used had this feature and it seems like the process has changed with the VW integration? I've attached a pic of an old schematic built in an older connectCAD. Thanks.
  9. Moving items from room to room work. It's the devices in racks that do not populate their info.
  10. Hey guys, Do you have any troubleshooting tips for this?
  11. In the interest of further information. It seems to work 25% of the time on the input side, but I can't tell what it's dependent on. Possibly the location on arrow I'm trying to pull? I just know it wasn't that hard to do before the move to VW.
  12. Hey Conrad, It was built using VW 2020 SP3.1.
  13. Hello, When I add equipment into my rack layouts, the Location information (RackU) in the OIP for the matching device does not update, hence the info on the device symbol does not update. I am unclear where to look for the solution in this new version of ConnectCAD. However, when I move the equipment into a room square, the Location information does update. What am I missing? Can you point me in a direction? I've attached a test file. Thanks Device Placement Test File.vwx
  14. Just in the interest of more information. I can select the output side and move it normally. I cannot move the input side without the entire cable moving. Thanks
  15. Here is my test file. Thanks! Cable Connection Test File.vwx


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