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  1. I've sent you the file via direct message. Thanks for you help!
  2. RLM Server Diagnostics at 06/11/2019 12:17 RLM version: 12.2BL2-p1 RLM platform: x86_w4 OS version: 6.2 ISV name: rlm Hostname: ---- User: system Work directory: c:\license managers\vectorworks\Vectorworks site protection server Environment: HTTP_PROXY=<not set> RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT=<not set> RLM_EXTENDED_ERROR_MESSAGES=1 RLM_LICENSE=C:\ProgramData\Vectorworks Site Protection RLM_NO_UNLIMIT=<not set> RLM_PATH_RANDOMIZE=<not set> RLM_PROJECT=<not set> RLM_QUEUE=<not set> RLM_ROAM=<not set> RLMSTAT=<not set> rlm_LICENSE=c:\programdata\vectorworks site protection License files: c:\Programdata\vectorworks site protection\license.lic
  3. "c:\programdata\reprise" everyone has full control. there is data in the folder. rlminfo.5053; rlmlockvektorwrx
  4. What folder are you talking about? Also, I am and admin on the server.
  5. running the browser as an admin did not help.
  6. try running the browser as admin?
  7. So I have the Site Protection Server installed on our license server. When right click the taskbar icon, go to control, click start.....the service will not start. If I try this in the localhost webpage, by going to "Activate License", click "begin license activation", enter site-activation.vectorworks.net, entered the isv that I got from system info, then entered the license activation key I received, clicked "Next", verified the license server hostid was correct and it was, left license count for floating licenses to 1, then clicked next, entered the path that I was the license file saved to, then clicked next, verified all the information was correct, then clicked "Request License" I then get an error stating: License Activation - License retrieved error generating license: -1038 unencrypted activation requests not allowed attempting to access license generator at: site-activation.vectorworks.net Am I doing something wrong here?
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