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  1. 1vekeller

    Vectorworks 2012 and Windows 10

    Hi Michael, You were right. It was Apple Quicktime. The version that was installed came on the Vectorworks disk. When I installed Service Pack 5, I hadn't updated Quicktime. It called for an update to version 7.6.9, but it did not seem to be available. I was able to update to 7.7.9, and it worked. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. Vern
  2. 1vekeller

    Vectorworks 2012 and Windows 10

    I have Vectorworks Designer 2012. I had been running it on Windows 7 with no problems. Since Windows 7 is being discontinued, I installed it on Windows 10. The software seemed to install with no problems. It will not run. I updated it to Vectorworks 2012 Service Pack 5. The update installed with no problem. It will not run. When you double click the icon on the desktop, it looks like it will start, but nothing happens. I would appreciate any help. Here are the system specs. Lenovo D20 Dual Xeon at 2.9Ghz 48 GB RAM. NVidia video card 4 GB 500 GB SSD


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