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    How to export Quads instead of triangles?

    Hi there and thank you for your replies. There are several reasons why quads are preferable to triangles. First of all, as correctly mentioned above by barkest, for UV mapping. However, another important reason is when using subdivision surfaces to smooth out geometry. Subdivision surfaces doesn't like triangles. The funny thing is that some objects are quads, some are mixed quads and triangles and others are simply triangles. Is there any way to "force" quads for everything. Untriangulating after the fact doesn't work all of the time. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out best practices for exporting objects from Vectorworks into Cinema 4D. When I send the file to C4D in the File menu, the resulting geometry's polygons are a mix of triangles and quads. I would like them all to be quads. Is there a way to set a preference or something so that they all will be quads? Thanks!


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