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  1. @Christiaan Bloody clip cube! cheers for this, I was just choosing which window the PC was about to go out!
  2. Hi @Wes Gardner, that works well when creating the ceiling from and extrusion. I could use the cut extrusion, to create a polygon the correct size. Create a slab from that, giving me a correct slab for the ceiling. But I suppose is there any benefit at that point to using the slab for a ceiling over a simple extrusion? thanks, Josh
  3. Hi, Anyone able to point me to a tutorial on creating a ceiling in an attic space? I can fudge it and get it sort of the right size but it's a b it of a faff. There must be an easier way! It's probably something simple I am over looking? The roof is made up of roof faces and the ceiling a slab. Ideally I would be able to get the slab to intersect with the soffit of the roof. TIA, Josh
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I had a look at their products and downloaded one of their doors. They do have vectorworks formats but they aren't quite as friendly as vectorworks own doors. They are more just 3D extrudes put into a symbol. Still, better than starting from scratch!
  5. I quite like how the stories work. Really handy when sketching out designs and fiddling with levels. That said, they probably are less beneficial for two storey development. I'm new to vectorworks (and architecture!) this year after working as an SE Tech using AutoCAD and Revit. I swear, if you could smash Revit and Vectorworks into each other hard enough, you would have some great software!
  6. Yes, likewise, I have to delete the wall peaks to reset it and get FWtO to work. I've started changing how I create my upper floor walls also. Previously, I used stories and walls would go "top of slab" to top of slab over". for this I would create a "top of slab" level on the upper most story, or a false story. Now on my upper floors I tend to set walls as from "top of slab" and the upper to wall height. Then use FWtO to get the correct elevation for the roof height. This seems to make FWtO much more consistent.
  7. @Wes Gardner @David S Thank you for the comments and sorry for the slow reply. I'm struggling to upload a file to this at the moment - I have tried increasing the overhang to see if it resolves it but it still is happening. I've worked around it with negative embedment depths. I'll come back to this when I next come across it!
  8. So I'm struggling with this at present. We tend to use a lot of 3-5 leaf bifold doors around here. I have looked through a few posts and came to the conclusion Windoor is the way to go, except "WinDoor is now only available as an upgrade to existing WinDoor users residing outside Australia and New Zealand. New licenses are no longer available". Is there now a solution with 2019? Is it possible to import it as a symbol if I was to create the bifold in alternative software such as Revit, sketch-up (or even microsoft paint!)?
  9. Hi! I'm having a right mare trying to get my walls to fit to my roof faces. I'm not sure if it's my workflow or a plug-in style for either the roof face or wall. Here is the settings of another example: and when I click ok: Any ideas? Cheers, Josh
  10. Sorry I should have updated this. I discovered that when I purged the drawing or some other process, it deleted the bit where the layer is associated to the story. I had to go back through each later and link it back to the story. I can elaborate more tomorrow when I have vectorworks open at work if you are still stuck!
  11. Somewhere along the line of adding the site, I lost the 1st floor walls. Then when trying to get them back I lost the ground floor too. Everything is on solid that I can see (they were a copy and paste of the ground floor and were working fine!) The walls are supposed to go from 300 below structure to the top of structure on the story above. This is the general set up I have used on the last couple of projects and seems to have worked fine. Can anyone see where I am going wrong? Hopefully, I am doing something stupid and this will be a quick fix! thanks in advance, Josh
  12. That's the one! No idea when or how that got turned off! Thanks for your help. atb, Josh
  13. @ASagatovVW Oh that sounds promising. I'm home now so i will try this in the morning. Thank you. @zoomer This is the folder tree I have. and this is what I am hoping to find: I'll try the "Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Session Tab > Make sure "Enable Online Content" option and report back. thanks, Josh
  14. Sorry, the picture is misleading and maybe my question. Their should be more folders and many more trees listed. The only tree's showing are ones I downloaded on another project. I've tried refreshing also. It's like the resource browser is not seeing the vectorworks online library? For example, if you right click the file the download option is not there.
  15. Hi, I'm missing trees (and probably other items in the resource manager) any ideas how to redirect the file? Thanks, Josh
  16. Hi, Adding a site pad with a retaining edge - essentially adding this so the grass doesn't appear in the lounge! However, the pad seems to be altering the existing ground levels so that the retained edge is a constant level. I need the pad just to punch into the site without altering the existing levels? thanks, Josh
  17. @Benson Shaw Sorry busy few days at work - currently I've worked around the problem by removing all the roof components leaving it as a 300ish thick slate component. This seems to render fine. @JMR yes, I would of created one side then mirrored the other. So whilst I've got the roof to work and the Dormers by making them as extrusions as opposed to walls, I still have a rogue bush that will not render. I've tried redrawing the bush ( creating a poly and extruding it then wrapping it in a texture). Again, it appears in the original model fine, but not in the import, whilst another one does. I've simplified the shape as much as practical and duplicated and renamed the texture to avoid any clashes. I'm looking forward to getting rid of this project and starting fresh on another.
  18. Hardware: Okay - I actually already had that set to best compatibility. I've changed it to best performance to see what impact that has. Another wild idea: So one block, is just a mirror of the second with a unit removed. I created both in one template then did a save as and deleted the spare block - could this cause some of the issues? Is there a way to clean excess symbols and objects out of the file - (in autocad terms 'purge' it?). There are a number of objects in here - sofas etc that I inherited in a 2D file that i developed the model from. I am not too sure of their origins. I will try to remove any that are not required including the layers that the reference plans are on - currently they are turned off. Copy and pasting: I'll have a play copying in objects. Vectorworks is installed on the machine locally, but the files are retrieved from a locally networked server. If I don't get anywhere i'll post the two units up?
  19. @Benson Shaw Thank you for your persistence with this. Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday - I wasn't in the office at all. I moved the model to centralise it over the origin, and found that class tick box. Neither of those resolved it. I have opened a blank document and inserted the first unit and it came in fine. I then inserted the second block in, and the roof on the first unit then went wrong? Could this be an issue with the PC hardware / specification? Both roofs are of identical construction - same layer names etc... could this be causing an issue? many thanks again for your help! atb, Josh
  20. Hi, I'm new to vwx too and getting my head around this, but I recently did something similar by setting up a terrain with the stake tool. Adding a stake at the top and btm of a retained edge to create a short slope which I hid within a wall. Then used a texture bed, which is one of the site modifying options. In my first iteration I used a number of 3D polygons. This may help if you are creating a pond? I'm sure someone more competent may come along shortly to help - but this might give you something to play with in the mean time. atb, Josh
  21. Hi @Benson Shaw Thanks for the feedback. I didn't have much luck with your suggestions although I haven't been able to find the "Use current doc visibilities"? I set up and imported 3 viewports onto individual layers. 1 of each of the blocks and another for the site. It fixed the issue with the dormers but created a number of similar problems, for example; - Roof texture / finishes not appearing - Half the bushes do not have any texture applied - Glazed balustrade missing I've attached a number of files to try and show where I am struggling. ( p.s. once I've worked all this out be ready for the help topic on sorting the fascias and reveals! )
  22. Hi, I'm new to the forum and vectorworks so please forgive my ignorance! I'm developing a 3d model it's a site consisting of two blocks (1No of 2 Units, 1 No. of 3 units). The block of 2 units has a ridge line 1m lower than the other. I set up my stories to produce the models and created them in two separate files because of this difference in ridge levels? I am trying to reference them into a model showing the site plan/ finishes etc. I have referenced them in as viewports - I am assuming this is the most appropriate way? However, for some reason my dormers are appearing without a roof, and without a cut in the roof face, despite being correct in the original models. If i reference them into a separate / new drawings they appeared but the finishes on the main roof was incorrect, I did not check to see if this correct in a render. I have tried deleting them, remove them in organisations - references, and then reinserting them, but they still appear incorrect.
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