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  1. Hi I'm not sure I understand .but in the open dialog box I can right click on a file name and select delete from the drop down and it's gone (although not form the recent list in the file menue if thats what you mean ?) mike
  2. hiI have had similar problems but intermitently,when i click on the texture mapping button i get a runtime error and va closes .this has happend in 2 drawings so far and in only one layer of each . moving the objects to be textured to another layer mapping them and putting them back works but is starting to get old . I have tried to duplicate the problem in a new drawing adding objects and shaping and texturing one step at a time hoping to find the step that blows it but it dosn't happen when I want it to . I am rummin win xp 512m ram va9.5 quick time 4.1.128 with a nvidea vid card with latest drivers any ideasMike
  3. Hi no it is not on resize just click the mapping button so far it has happend only with textures that came with va8 . I don't beleive its the texture itself as i can move an object with the texture applyed to a new layer and it will map just fine .I sent a copy the file to bug report mike
  4. have not had that problem yet but I do ocasionaly get run time errors when using the texture mapping button in the obj info palette win xp va9.5 512mb ram
  5. hito jeparson have you had problems with xp home ? you sound emphatic in recomending against it Mike
  6. it may be installed in the wrong directory ? I had a similar problem going to 8.5 and had to reinstall rw in vw directory
  7. has anyone else had runtime errors when using the map texture button on the obj info pallet this has only happened to me in one file and moving the objects to be mapped to a blank document mapping and moving back causes no problems Any ideas out there?? win xp va9.5
  8. you could try rotating the profile object to a position with the long side verticle and the side that represents the thickness horizontal
  9. sound great to me! where do I sign !
  10. HI I have the same problem with blue grey text on grey backround with no change for visited and un visited /I am using ie6 on windows 98 machine mike
  11. thanks matthew for the info that took care of it mike
  12. Hi Has anyone any ideas why i am getting a vectorscript message that reads " preferance set not chosen for this document " when ever i select the simple window or door plugin tool this has just started since uprading from 9.0 to 9.01 Thanks Mike
  13. I don't know if it is still avaliable but tech note 43 lists the hot key assingments
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