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  1. Hi sullymon the glazing styles when used create a class by the same name whose attributes can be edited in the classes dialog , just set the fill to none and you get transparent glass Mike
  2. Hi Katie I received and installed the new vso's . New windows are transomless and old windows have been fixed thank you very much for the quick responce and simple fix Mike
  3. Hi I have a problem with the window pio , when I set the sash options to horizontal slider and deselect transom check box I get a transom , In the obj info palette the transom box is greyed out ??? the same set up in simple window 2 which does not have a transom option of corse does not exibit this behavior Have I missed something??? Mike
  4. I'll second That!!!!! I got my copy of vwa10 2 weeks ago and still hav'nt got the workspace back to my v952 setup Mike
  5. Hi I havn't had a crash I would associate with auto save . I have had it set to 15 min and although I have called it a few names when it stops me in the middle of something i have had no crashes (have had some associated with my vid card ) any way as for v10 I just upgraded a couple of weeks ago and still have it set for 15 min and so far so good
  6. Hi I have also experienced the color change vwa crash It happened twice on the same object on the third try it worked fine and has not happened since Mike
  7. Hi something is diferent in v10 with the attributes pallette in 9.52 when inserting a door in wall the door took on the color and line weight set in the attributes pallette and could be changed from the attributes pallette if the door were selected in v10 the door seems to take on the attributes of the wall and does not resopond to changes made in the attributes pallette ... can someone explain how this is suposed to work Mike
  8. Hi Robert Thanks for getting back to me I thought that was what I was doing I created a rw background in the resource browser then created a new layer in the layers dialog box and set the rw background dropdown to the rw background i had just created ,rendered the drawing and bingo there it was till I printed .. I have been playing with it since and found I can get it back by rendering in shaded polygon the re rendering in fast rw also when it is not working properly other strange visability problems occur ie I have a wht rectangle I am using as a mask on the same layer drawn on top of it are a pair of nurbs curves that represent the driveway when it is proprly rendered ( the background is displayed) the wht rectangle is invisable and the nurbs can be seen but when the background disapears the portion of the nurbs that overlay the wht rectangle also disapear and sending the rectangle to the rear has no efect ? I am getting more confused as I go ??? I have recreated the efect in a new document afert a restart also tried turning off hdw accelertion on my vid card (problems with that before) with no change Thanks mike
  9. Hi just read the post on disapearing layerlinks. my problem is somewhat similar I have a file with 3 layers the botom is the background with only a bitmap image the second is title blocks and border and the top is an overlay on the bitmap with a few rectangles and nurbs representing the building and drivway . when I created this drawing all workd as advertised and upon rendering all were visable but after printing the background layer disapeared . rendering in the view menue is set to fast rw and all classes and layers are set to visable I have tried restart and changing the class and layer visibilities and one combination (or coincidence ) I got it to render properly again but once again as soon as the file was printed it disapeared I hope some one has some ideas on this one I am stumped Mike p4 1.7 gig 512 ram vw/rw 10 nvidea geforce 2
  10. Hithanks Fuge I feel a little foolish I have used escape to stop an in progress render before must but never thought of it when the panic started thanks Mike
  11. hi I have adrawing in progress with a photo as a background and a couple of custom textures .when I closed it yesterday it was working fine but to day it will not open, it will start to load the file then it begins to render and I get a run time error . I think the problem maybve with the texture I was playing with when I quit yesterday .I guess my question is can I stop va from rendering the file when it opens ?? va 9.5 p4 win xp 512 ram nvidia ge force2 thanks Mike
  12. Hihas anyone looked at the tutorial on the 3d power pack , in section 4 creating surface models the 3 surfaces of the hat object are given different colors my question is why? when the 3 are added into a surface they take on one color (it seems the color of the largest surface ) so what is the point of the different colors or am I missing something Mi
  13. very interesting I hav'nt tried all the tools and comands yet but so far very exciting stuff with a great price Thanks Mike
  14. Hi I have done quite a bit of custom cabinet and furniture work with vectorworks architect it includes a cabinet plug in and a library of stock cabinets which is much to limited for custom work but it is usfull for kitchen layout work ,if it had a way to customise the doors it would be much more usefull. unfortunatly I can't remember if the cabinet tool is part of the base program or the architect addon . the base program however works quite well for custom and one off work . mike
  15. having become atached to my old work space I was a bit put out with the new one as well , however I have been using the new one and making small changes as I go for some time and it grows on you mike
  16. Hi Does anyone use the radeon 8500 in win xp and if so any coments ? I am considering a new card and would apreciate any info on the 8500 or other sugestions . Thanks Mike
  17. Hi same here about 2 months on xp with va 9.5 and still working fine with far more stability than 98 mike
  18. Hi Katie just for the record I have tried 2 drivers 1 from nvidea via compaq ,unified driver ver and the other the detinator unified driver direct from nvidea ver both have the same problem thanks mike
  19. thanks ! I hadn't thought of reshaping down. I'll try that Mike
  20. Hi I've had the same situation with garage doors. where the door passes through the bottom of the wall and below the top of the foundation there is a line through the door when the model is rendered. Mike
  21. Hi Thanks for getting back to me I turned off 3d aceleation and sure enough the texture mapping went off without a hitch . This dosn't seem a very elegant solution . Is this someting that will be addresed in a later version or should I be thinking about another card . are there any vid cards that have not been problimatic, I have seen posts on problems with several others thanks again mike
  22. Hi I havn't seen that particular problem but it could be a lighting problem .possably a wall shadow? mike
  23. Hi the open dialog box is in the file menue second from the top unelss you have moved it with the work space editor in the box that opens when you click open you can move delete re name from the right click drop down mike
  24. Hi I run va 9.5 on windows xp machine .I have had fewer problems with 9.5 then 8.5 but I got the new machine when 9.0 came out so I don't know if the improvement is all va or the machine or both mike
  25. Hi it sounds like you are looking at the objects pallete not the object browser / open pallets menue and click on object browser to open the browser/ then in the browser window click add and select the folder that contains your object libraries , and then select the librarie you want and click /the symbols should apear in the object browser window hope this helps Mike [ 02-13-2002: Message edited by: mike46 ]
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