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  1. thanks for the reply , I thought it was a class problem but I'm embarassed to say it was simpler than that It seem I drew the basement stub walls on the same layer and they were on top of the 1st floor walls thanks Mike
  2. HI I just compleated a new instalation on a new machine everything seems fine except when my drawing in plan view none of the windows or doors apear . what can I do to correct this ?? Thanks Mike
  3. mike46

    edit texture

    a bit more info on this one , the default reflectivity shader for pine is matte if i change this to anything else and back the other color changes will take efect and all seems to normal again . anybody have any idea whats going on ??
  4. mike46

    edit texture

    I have ,from the oip /render/edit texture in drawing , selected the shader in the case pine and changed the wood color ,click ok and thecolor swatch changes in the edit dialog box click ok again and back to the drawing and no change in the texture , the thum nails that apear in the object browser also remain unchanged even when changed to wht the texture remains un changed . I can crate a new texture but can not change its color once created either . other parameters such as grain size do change and update in the texture properly what am i doing wrong I know I have done this in the past without a problem any ideas out there ?? just updated to sp2 and vwa 11.1 Mike
  5. Hi just some added info vwa11 on windows does behave properly in regard to text handling in new documents .however on version 10 drawings edited in 11 many of the short coming you mention(including the magnifed text and text off the bottom of the box ) are present . so the problem is not limited to mac
  6. I tried printing to another printer with the same result I have emailed you the file and an outline of the problem Thanks
  7. yes I have done that, it will print fine untill I change views and lighting and its gone again thanks mike
  8. Hi sorry about not responding sooner been out of the loop for a few days yes after changing view angles ( in perspective ) and lighting (moving or changing light settings ) it will happen again I havn't figured out if it the view or lights yet Thanks Mike
  9. HI I am having trouble printing to an hp 1220c , a just compleated drawing, rendered in final quality renderworks with several textures none of which is stock but all have been used previously ,printer set for normal the printed result is just a rectangle that looks to be the size of the print area bounding box ?? the drawing will print in wireframe with no difuculty and if I copy to a newly opened drawing set up with the same template it will print rendered untill I start changing views and or lighting . this is the first time this has happened and it repeated 3 times on the same drawing yesterday .. anyone have any ideas (print driver is up to date ) thanks mike
  10. HI I have created a wide shed dormer (cape style)in a gable roof and have 2 problems with it 1 is i cant't figure out how to add a second window or change the location of the first without ungrouping the whole roof and second the normal selection handle for the dormer and the center handle for the roof disapear when the dormer is centered on the roof and flush with the wall below so I can't select either am i doing something wrong here ?? thanks Mike
  11. I have a problem with the gable dormers inserted in a roof object , I have added a clapboard texture to the sides which looks just as it should on the outside but the texture has been applied to the inside as well is there a way to texture the inside individualy ??? thanks Mike
  12. Hi thanks to all for the replys I will have to spend some time with this to get my head around it thanks again Mike
  13. thanks for the reply BaRa ,that does it. seems similar to duplicate along path . By any chance do you know where it is in the users guide , been through it twice and its bugging me that i can't find it thanks again Mike
  14. HI can anyone tell me what the revolve with rail comand does ? I can't find anything i n the users guide or on line help Mike
  15. hi duplicate along path is usefull in the same way as duplicate array. balusters, posts ,colums,etc but it alows for much more flexability in the placement of the duplicates as they will follow a path object which doesn't have to be a streight line or circle hope that helps mike
  16. HI Ba Ra thanks again for looking at this , I am amazed I tried this on two machines both with the same result but it seems you proved it has something to do with my set up thanks again Mike
  17. Hi Ba Ra I sent you a file a few min ago thanks for your interest Mike
  18. Hi Ba Ra thanks for looking into that I guess this is just a case of the eratic nature of this tool it works for you and not me or it works in some cases and not others Mike
  19. Hi Ba Ra did you happen to try to fillet the inside of shell solid on page 4-10 ? the tutorial covers the outside edge . I tried the inside just to see if it would work .. no luck Mike
  20. Hi Ba Ra It is actualy included in the 10.5 update /from vectorworks help /contents menue item and also downloadable from the nna website Mike
  21. has any one tried to filet the inside of the hour glass shaped shelled solid in the tutorial. the out side works as discribed in the tutorial but the inside fails with all combinatios i tried . like others i have had eratic results with this potentialy vey usefull tool in past versions and it dosn't look like that has changed Mike
  22. I'm with Propstuff a way to keep the focus on a selected object when changing views without extra mousing around would realy speed up 3d object editing for me Mike
  23. Hi does anyone know of any isues with the centrino or pentium m processors with vwa ?? Thanks Mike
  24. Hi JNR have had the same problem with the mini image in the upper left on both hp 722 and 1220 wide format printers but I can't get it to reproduce the problem on demand I posted on this a while back but it is so intermitant I can't get a handle on it it only happens when printing a rendered layer link in a rotated view so far it hasn't happened in a plain front or side view I have not seen any other reports of this problem maybe it is a pc thing Mike
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