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  1. I guess the iMacs thermal throttle anyways 😄 Went with the 5700XT/ i7/ 2020 iMac Tnahk you for info!
  2. Hi, I´m currently putting together a new iMac for VW. We don´t use Renderworks and currently only do 2D work. As far as I understood more cores are needed for rendering but what is important for 2D work? GPU Speed vs. VRAM, Single Core CPU speed vs. multicore? Especially if you want to be future proof. Should I go for the 16GB VRAM GPU instead of 8GB? Thank you.
  3. Thank you all for your answers and recommendations. So it seems to be still an issue to upgrade. The number one reason for me to upgrade isn´t features. It is a matter of macOS and VW compatibility. All these upgrades everywhere. :D
  4. Hello, im the IT-manager in an architecture company and I wanted to know if it is save to upgrade VW Versions while being in a project. Some of my colleagues mentioned that they had problems with stamps not correctly working after upgrades in the past. Is this still an issue? What do you recommend. Upgrading for new project or is it save nowadays to upgrade on the run? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello Community, we experience varying printing quality depending on the method of printing. In detail if we print directly in VW or from PDF. We experience color differences and also sometimes lines not getting rendered properly when printing from VW (staircase effect). My question is: What do you folks use as your goto printing workflow in VW? Thanks in advance!
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