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  1. Bump because I would love to know the answer to this as well.  It looks suspiciously like you're trying to draw the exact same s60 softbox I am.  Also by your signature, we're basically desktop twins (only mine's "SUPER").  We should talk lol

  2. @BobWeaver I have syncthing syncing my preferences between my home and work machines.  As of reading of your terrifying troubles, I'm going to add a read only syncthing instance of that folder on my laptop, where I occasionally CAD but won't change prefs, so that will effectively act as a backup.  You could also automate a versioning backup of the folder to whatever drive or cloud server you use for backing things up, or just remember to manually do it every time you make changes (I''d automate, because I'm constantly tweaking).


    I don't know of any built in solution, though.

  3. Hello everyone,


    Trying to make fields from custom records show up in OIP, and (Spotlight) export to Lightwright.


    Per this help article:

    "Additional Default Records

    Opens the Additional Default Records dialog box, to select additional records with default data for lighting devices.

    Only applicable records display. Select one or more record formats from those present in the file; a check mark in the Use column indicates that the default data in the record will be included. At insertion or replacement, the lighting device processes the additional record. If a match is found for a record field name, the default data from the record attached to the symbol applies to that field and displays in the Object Info palette."


    This suggests to me that if I make a custom record, then make a custom parameter whose name exactly matches the custom record field, then I can make it show up in the OIP, edit it, and manipulate it for export.


    I have done, that, and it's not tracking.  Screenshots attached.  The OIP shots are for the same lighting device.  When I change the field value in either the data or the shape pane, they do not relate to each other.  Both the record field and the parameter are set to "dimension" numbers.  I have turned vectorworks off and on again.


    I'm immensely frustrated and could really use some help.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.



  4. @michaelk brilliant, thank you!  My tired brain couldn't see the multiply by 12.  You're awesome.


    I'm in Canada, working for a US network with an English production designer.  Everyone works in feet and inches, but our LED tape stock comes in mm.  I'll get the hang of it;)  Thinking of it as exercise for my brain, so it's a good thing.

  5. Hi everyone,


    I'm rather new to worksheets.


    Trying to make a cut list for materials, based on a custom record attached to lighting device symbols (I'm in spotlight, but I assume it doesn't matter that they're lighting devices, only that they're symbols with a custom record).


    So I have the worksheet nicely populating with the lengths in inches, per construction/art, who work in inches.  I want this worksheet to then have a column beside the length (inches) column that is populated from the record, which would calculate the length in mm, which is what I need to give the guys building the fixtures.


    So if I've got my vwx spreadsheet terminology correct, the database header cell for column A is linked to the length field in my custom record.  I want the database header cell in column B to be the value from column A, but converted to mm.  So in excel I'd make cell b1 "A1*25.4"


    How do I do that here?  Is there a more sensible way of going about it than that formula? Does it complicate matters if my imperial measurements are fractions, but I want the metric measurements to be decimal?




    EDIT: I should add, the lengths can't be calculated from the symbol itself, it's LED tape represented by a generic pixel.  The custom record in question is where I manually give it info based on what we're cramming it into.  So the stock "find length" functions won't work:(


    Attached a screenshot.  14.25 inches is 362mm, so I've obviously got something wrong...




  6. Hello,


    When I try to put a worksheet on a drawing, it shows up and prints only as pictured, not as the worksheet.  What am I doing wrong?


    I am inserting it by clicking "worksheet on drawing" from the worksheet's file menu.

    I have restarted vw several times since noticing the problem.

    It occurs in several files, including a fresh blank one.




  7. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I would like the naming scheme to apply as in case 1). 


    I would also like it to apply to multiple PDFs published with "Export PDFs as separate files" checked, but I think that is the current behavior.


    I have been using this to name sheets that are published individually.  Sometimes I do several at once, sometimes only one.  I would like the naming scheme to apply to any individual sheet.  If I publish several sheets together as a package, I usually prefer to name it manually.


    Am I doing it backwards or weirdly?  I'm open to workflow suggestions; I'm making this up as I go!

  8. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, thank you.


    I don't know how to directly use a command, I only know how to click on the Publish menu item.  Command line 2021! (?)  (Just kidding)  This also occurs when I click "cloud publish," which makes sense.


    Attached is a screenshot of the naming scheme that I swear makes sense to me. I'd like this to apply to a single pdf export as well.  At the moment, when I try to export a single pdf, it pops up as filename.pdf and I have to enter the desired file name manually.


    What am I doing wrong?




  9. Hello all,


    I'm trying to put a drop shadow on a viewport crop, which is set to visible.  I go into annotations, and apply the drop shadow to the crop object only.  Looks good.


    When I publish, however, it applies drop shadows to every line in the viewport. I do not have a drop shadow applied to the viewport itself.


    How do I make this stop?



  10. Just now, Lightwright said:

    When I said "it only screws up if Data Exchange has been started", that really means "If you have ever connected the .vwx file to Lightwright or want to connect in the future." not "when you are currently connected to Lightwright." The problem is that the Vectorworks and Lightwright UIDs aren't being duplicated properly during any copy/mirror/duplicate operation in Vectorworks.



     Thank you for clarification. 


    I guess I'll be sticking to 2020 for a while.  What a pain.

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