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  1. There really isn't a need to edit the contours inside the DTM. With proper application of site modifiers, all can be achieved externally. This way there is no interaction between the DTM contour modifiers and the external modifiers.

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  2. When selecting the worksheet (two clicks) the database header under image needs to be changed. Select the grey header in that column and select the little box to the right. Here change the top selector to function and the second selector to image. This should fix it. I am not quite sure why this was changed but this will get it back to where you need it.


    Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 4.56.43 PM.png

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  3. @BGD 

    First let me just say that your name trips me out every time I get a notice. My initials are BDG!  🙂


    Answers for above!

    1) first turn off KLC Site plan it is covering the hardscape. Second, with the "Hardscape Decking Const" style edit the deck boards component and change the Texture from Class texture too Texture.

    2)This is because you have the opacity to 0% change it to 100% and they will show. Or if you want some opacity change it there.

    3)Select the site wall and in the Render tab in the OIP change where it says none in the texture picker to Class Texture

    4)My suggestion is to learn Data Tags. These will allow you to set any graphic style you like.

    5)I believe this is answered above.

    6)Use Roof Face to create the desired short roof, and use fit walls to objects to fit the walls to the roof.

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  4. @jpccrodrigues yes this process can work but requires much more time and more clicks. By simply simplifying the poly (Modify>drafting aids>simplify polys) you achieve the same result with a measured affect that can easily be modified from there.

    and @elch I would second @Rossford remarks. Let us know. and if you would like feel free to PM me the file. I can take a look and send back.

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  5. you have one wall that is 1900m tall so it is zooming out to fit the entire wall making everything look nonexistent. Use the flyover tool to rotate and see the tall wall and you can reset the values and all will work fine.

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  6. convert the poly lines to 3d polys, then set each lines Z value to the desired elevation. I would then select all lines and use simplify polys to reduce the number of vertices. Once this is done, select all 3d polys and create site model.

  7. You should reset you attributes. To do this click with the selection tool in blank space, set you attributes how you would like them and even though it is not necessary I like to click in blank space again. This will reset your attributes to your new selection and choices.

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  8. Try this. Go to the Landmark Menu, and select "choose plant database". In the wind that pops up there is a dropdown picker at the top. Here choose "Vectorworks Plant Database"


    This should get you to the database instead of the Plant Catalog.

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  9. you can draw a poly line around the plants in that area(ensure that those plants are not "Attached" to plants outside of that shape. Then in the OIP at the bottom, name that shape. Then in the worksheet set criteria to "Location>is within> NAME OF SHAPE". This will include only those items within the bounding box.

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  10. In the OIP for the site modifier you should use a simplification tolerance of 6". It is directly above the Modifier vertex count. this will fix the issue. It took 4.8 seconds (yep I timed it) 🙂 to update the DTM.


    Hope this helps.

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  11. Ensure you have smoothing applied in the Terrain Model settings. Also much of that is caused by vertices and how many or not you have. also what is the final applied texture on this? textures will often hide that. feel free to send me the file and I can look through it and help you through what you have. PM it to me if you like.


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  12. if you are referring to using a terrain model, just set multiple pad modifiers at various elevations to modify existing terrain. Or by double clicking the DTM you could use the proposed site model surface button (or existing) and use the sculptor to create the mound. Or if starting from scratch you could create concentric lines representing the elevations required convert to 3D polys and set a z value for each then select all and create a DTM.


    Hope this helps.

  13. @lisagravy I was just on with Tamsin, I now better understand your question on how you are using it there. I will research this and I am positive Tamsin will have an answer for you locally. 


    As for moving the stake, it can be moved but only using LAT/ LONG not to be moved by Meters X/Y. To move use the "Set Location" Button at the bottom of the OIP for LAT/ LONG. To move by meters in an x/y fashion it cannot do that (or at least I haven't figured it out yet).


    Hope this helps.

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  14. First set your file to use OSGB 36 Datum, Then set the origin (search for) 49ºN, 2ºW (this is British Grid Origin) and it will set the point. You can also go to the File Georeferencing dialog and set the coordinate points of 49, -2 there also.

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