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  1. Often changes are made per instance of plant and not a broad sweep. This is generally how these changes occur. It could also be that if you brought in that file to 2020 and then added new plants that had been modified. Also if you find the plants you can "replace " them with the correct info this will help with speed as you don't have to enter each plant and change.
  2. Double click the worksheet, then on the row with the plant you want to see right click on the row number (5.1,5.2 etc) then choose select item. this will highlight and locate the item and you can make changes.
  3. Also if you change your settings in preferences to meters, you need to toggle a change in the hardscape for it to show the change. Something like check off draw border and then check it back on.
  4. Best to set up a Data Tag to program exactly what you want and have the graphic styling you choose or need.
  5. Yes, When you select the Viewport go to the OIP and at the bottom you will see a button for Advanced Properties. Here you should select the Black and White Only option at the bottom. If you have plants in the Landscape area set, in the OIP set the 3D Display to 3D Plants and ungroup the Landscape Area. The plants will show up. Be aware as now it is not a Landscape Area so if you need the LA the duplicate and ungroup. Also if you are counting the plants in the LA area then set all the other (ungrouped LA plants) to Not On Plant List in the OIP.
  6. Generally model with extrudes. However you could also utilize the Pad with retaining edge mode of the site modifiers to create the hole or elevated pad. This will give you proper cut and fill.
  7. Not totally sure what you have? But if you are using 3D polys to create the site model use the command. Modify>drafting aids> simplify polys. try setting the value to 6"or 12" and see if that helps. If you have something else other than this just PM me the file and I will have a look.
  8. bgoff

    Gravel hardscape

    Check online into making Renderworks Textures. You can customize them any way you would like. https://university.vectorworks.net https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/training/how-tos/?
  9. @JBodeI just talked to Diana, Feel free to call me and I will walk you through it!
  10. @Cara2 What I like to do in this case is double click the DTM, Edit existing site model contours (created from the modifiers on the existing terrain), in this window select all contour lines and paste them in a new document or even the same on another layer. Then select those pasted lines and convert to 3D Poly, then ungroup the mass. You then have new lines to create your site model based on the altered original DTM. Hope this helps!
  11. Kyle, This file has many modifiers overlapping, and many pads that are not closed (many contours for your berms should be pads and should be closed. Also add a grade limit to the site. Try these and I will be in touch.
  12. Make the change for the plant in the OIP using Edit Plant Style, Not in the Database. You can have it set to write back to the database automatically by selecting the "update the plant database with Vectorworks plant style changes" in the "choose Plant data source" dialog.
  13. @chrissk33 the aligned slab will snap to slabs so from what it looks like you could just ignore the hardscape modifiers and realign the aligned slab. It is a little difficult to tell though just by a picture, but that would help.
  14. @lisagravytry using a combination of Slabs and Aligned Slabs. Setting down values of slabs to elevation and using the areas in between as Aligned slab to snap to the slabs. You could also use aligned slab and then use Surface modifiers to set stake values as desired.
  15. bgoff

    Plant style

    Duplicate the plant you like then in the OIP> Edit Plant Style>Visualization, you can modify the 3D Graphics. Then rename that plant symbol what you like and you can save it to your favorites or a workgroup folder.
  16. try the middle option to see if it fixes the issue. generally if you set it to best compatibility and it works then it leads to an issue with the graphics card. It might be slower but its how we can test it. I just had someone with the same issue, she took it in and they said the card was fine. she replaced it anyway and its now working fine. Try the slower setting and see if it fixes the issue and report back. We just need to trouble shoot the issues, and this is the best way to do it. Sorry for the inconvenience but its the best option right now to try. Thanks in advance.
  17. Use and set the fall off value the higher the percent will give you your desired affects.
  18. I have one like that. I will try to find it and post!
  19. Set a stake on Known points and set elevation value to match. Make sure the stake is set to "Use as site data".
  20. Any time there is a "Texture Bed you need to update the model for the changes to take affect!
  21. Check your origin when creating the plant. If your X,Y is not at zero that will be an issue as the plant symbol graphics are placing due to its designed origin. this can happen if your site is far off from zero. I have seen this happen a couple of times. just go to the plant symbol graphics and move the graphic by selecting all the graphics group and in the OIP set x,y to 0,0. Also when placing plants ensure you are not in a rotated plan view. Top plan is the best plant placement option.
  22. bgoff

    Drawing a grid

    No problem, happy to help!
  23. bgoff

    Drawing a grid

    Convert your shape to a ceiling grid. Select your shape>Create Objects From Shape>Ceiling Grid, then set values as needed.
  24. @Robert DRobert, based on what you posted this is exactly how this would work. If you could PM me your file I could take a look and get back to you with a solution.
  25. @jmccain8 Can you get the dwg of the same file? This would eliminate all of this PDF cropping process.
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