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  1. If you use a pad with retaining edge for the architectural footprint (these can be set to existing also) you can select the modifier and in the OIP it will give the calculated cut and fill for that area. If you select multiple pads (which can be set to differing layers for control) you will get the total C&F of all selected pads. So that said, if you place your modifiers for the house on a house Mod layer and site modifiers on a Site Mod layer. Set the house Mods to Existing and site to proposed. You can select the house mods get the total for that and the site will be completely independent for your totals.


    Hope this helps.

  2. This can be changed using the Object Info Pallet. Under Annotations in the OIP you will find Polygon Display. This is where you can change this. Another option for you is to use Landscape Area and use a hatch to show the area and let the Landscape Area calculate and list the bulbs. This works great for a bulb mix.

  3. Sorry I misunderstood. You can move the plant file to Your user library (Library>object styles>plant) then refresh libraries. However I prefer to set the plant library in a single location for ease of upkeep and create an alias. Then move the alias to the before mentioned library. If you have multiple people using the plant library a better workflow would be to set up Workgroup Libraries and all designers then work from one file for those resources. This makes resource management a breeze!

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  4. Create a Viewport of your site and place it on a sheet layer. Then select the View Port and in the OIP at the bottom go to Advanced Properties. Here choose Black and White Only at the bottom of that dialog window.

  5. This can be done with class control. In the OIP there is a button for tag class. You can create a class that when set to "Use at creation" has the attributes you want. Then set to the class you created in the OIP for the plant tag and you are done!

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