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  1. of course you would find that! Do you test everything working backwards in a mirror on a Thursday with the wind blowing from the east? 🙂 Good to know I will test. Lets see what JP comes back with.
  2. Also check in the Plugin manager to see if you have "Irrigation Pipe" in the list. It will be under the built in tab.
  3. Interesting. Try a restart and let me know if that helps. This may have to go to tech support. I am monitoring this chat today. Let me know if anything happens after a restart.
  4. When you set the perimeter in a New Data Viz do you not see object parameter and Pipe?
  5. what version of VW do you have? Are you using Designer or Landmark?
  6. @jpccrodrigues Attached is I believe what you are looking for.Set the criteria to Object Parameter then look for Pipe Nominal size. Because it is a line you need to set the line color of the DV to apply attributes then set the pen to the color needed. Hope this helps. Fixed.vwx
  7. Also with some in-depth understanding of the catalogs they are the future of operation. this can be customized but it can be a little involved.
  8. That is about it. I prefer to set up my own plant book with one plant per sheet with more info pictures my logo and a layout I designed. This is best in Word, Pages, indesign or the like. Then use the Database or catalogs for plant lookup only. Once you attach the data to the symbol then no need for either.
  9. If you use a pad with retaining edge for the architectural footprint (these can be set to existing also) you can select the modifier and in the OIP it will give the calculated cut and fill for that area. If you select multiple pads (which can be set to differing layers for control) you will get the total C&F of all selected pads. So that said, if you place your modifiers for the house on a house Mod layer and site modifiers on a Site Mod layer. Set the house Mods to Existing and site to proposed. You can select the house mods get the total for that and the site will be completely independent for your totals. Hope this helps.
  10. No! the existing tree tool is for individual trees. Try using the plant tool instead. just set the OIP option to "not on plant list" so these are not counted.
  11. Sorry I misunderstood your question. In your classes go to Plants-Component-Polygon and set your desired graphic attribute there.
  12. try not posting it back to the database. This can be done by Landmark>Choose Plant Data Source>uncheck "Update Plant Databasewith changes" at the bottom
  13. Are you writing the data back to catalogs or the database?
  14. This can be changed using the Object Info Pallet. Under Annotations in the OIP you will find Polygon Display. This is where you can change this. Another option for you is to use Landscape Area and use a hatch to show the area and let the Landscape Area calculate and list the bulbs. This works great for a bulb mix.
  15. Sorry I misunderstood. You can move the plant file to Your user library (Library>object styles>plant) then refresh libraries. However I prefer to set the plant library in a single location for ease of upkeep and create an alias. Then move the alias to the before mentioned library. If you have multiple people using the plant library a better workflow would be to set up Workgroup Libraries and all designers then work from one file for those resources. This makes resource management a breeze!
  16. At the top of the Resource Manager you will find a little gear. Select it and in the dropdown you will find "Refresh Libraries" select that and let it process for a min or two. After that they should show up.
  17. Sory to say it must be in the process. It works fine here. could you post a video of what you are doing and I would be happy to take a look. Or you could PM me the file and let me know what VP and I can find the issue.
  18. Use the flyover tool to set the view you would like. You can also save that view to use later.
  19. bgoff

    Data tag

    did you save the file? is there a DATA TAG folder in the resource manager. When you created the tags where did you save them?
  20. This will adjust the instance or symbol info per that document.
  21. bgoff

    Planting Plan

    Create a Viewport of your site and place it on a sheet layer. Then select the View Port and in the OIP at the bottom go to Advanced Properties. Here choose Black and White Only at the bottom of that dialog window.
  22. Use Hidden Line or set a custom Renderworks Style.
  23. This can be done with class control. In the OIP there is a button for tag class. You can create a class that when set to "Use at creation" has the attributes you want. Then set to the class you created in the OIP for the plant tag and you are done!
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