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  1. I have done this using the tile and generating a random set that can be repeatable. However if you need random edges this would not work.
  2. I would have to say sure! I do it all the time! They can be in one RF as a number item. Then with a custom selection generate your selected outlets, attach the record formats, adjust the data in bulk and generate a worksheet. I would absolutely use this method to generate connection qtys.
  3. Just use the plant tool with a regular tree symbol. And set the trees on their own layer and set the plant to "not on Plant List"
  4. @jeff prince I totally agree this would be a great addition, thus my post to discuss in development for future use and production. It does however take time to develop and work around the various technology internally to achieve what is needed. This is why it is important to understand that we will note this and hopefully develop the tool to work further as people now would like, but it does take time. I just wanted to reiterate the original intent of the tool and the present functionality of it. and now that people have developed other workarounds and requests for the tool we will compile them and go back to work. And for all of you commenting and requesting! Thank you for the dialog, it works wonders for us to understand the needs and improve the tools. Thanks again.
  5. I recognize that however the intent of the Landscape Area is to generate a plant count based on area parameters for rapid generation in large areas. Not for true placement. This would be a good addition however the process of using the Landscape area and the destroying it tends to negate the primary function and future use of the area. For the primary of what you are saying though I have used this on thousands of acres and "added" to the mix over the top. The need to modify the placement has some use and I will pass this along in development meetings.
  6. @jpccrodrigues I looked at your file. Just out of curiosity. Why would you not just make the groudcover a Landscape area and manually placece the three trees using the plant tool. I know this is an example but there are a lot of extra steps to achieve a supposed automated response as you want while I can plant it using the plant tool only faster. Just saying!😉
  7. @loretta.at.large totally understand! I will bring it up in our next development meeting.
  8. There are benefits to a workgroup library. Also the files are universal so will work on Mac and PC. This is a striped version of what I used in my firm. Works very well and is what was used for many years. this allowed us to categorize the plants also by region as we worked nationally. You can modify and add to it as you like, this makes it flexible for your needs and workflow.
  9. I see what you are saying. But you can select and replace the style. I will pass this on though. Thanks!
  10. Your best bet is to create a Workgroup library on your chosen storage location (Server, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc...) then you can use that structure to organize your resources. This can be accessed by any computer with access. I have a file structure that I can send you to use to get going as it is very well structured to start (Worked for me for years).I have attached an image of the structure. Let me know and I can post it for download and instructions.
  11. Is this what you were intending? This is using all of your 3D data in the file.
  12. If you then want to change the Landscape Area style then in the OIP "replace" the style with a new one.
  13. Have you tried using the Pickup Mode and Bucket Mode in the Landscape Area Tool? Draw a polygon, pickup from one Landscape Area and Place in the Polygon with the bucket mode.
  14. @jeff prince curious why you believe that a Landscape Designer would not find Vectorworks as the right tool. I know hundreds of Landscape Designers that work and function at a very high level with Vectorworks and have found it to be the key to their success. Yes there are other great tools but Vectorworks fits the Design Build market better than most.
  15. So I understand. You want to use a Landscape Area to populate the bulk of the plants in an area but would like to "add" hero or unique plants in a specific location? If that is correct create your own landscape area for the desired base mix of plants and manually add the unique plants over the top using the plant tool. I have done this on thousands of acres of native and bee pollinator gardens. Generate the base mix and then in pockets add plants. If you would like to clip out the areas of the unique plantings vs adding on top of then generate the shape (circle, square, poly line) over the top of the Landscape area and clip surface. Then add in the plants you need. this keeps the Landscape area as a Landscape area.
  16. Sure, With 2D plants visible as an option in the landscape style, Ungroup it. It will no longer be a landscape area but you can adjust the plants. Why would you want this? If you want specific plant placement wouldn't you place them as you wanted using the plant tool? This is really intended to be used for general random are placement not specific placement. But you could ungroup as stated and move them where you like.
  17. @lgoodkind not sure what you mean by can't access. If you go to Landmark>Choose Plant Database and select your database the Landmark> Open Plant Data you will get the same access.
  18. contact Tech. They can do a once through with you to see what they can find.
  19. @jpccrodrigues We believe it is from an old workspace that was corrupted or modified incorrectly. Could you try editing the workspace? Got to Tool>Workspaces> Edit Current Workspace. then under tools tab (on the right hand side) select tool sets>irrigation remove the pipe tool and then find it in the left column and replace. Also if you are using a custom workspace and it it listed try switching to the Landmark (Stock version) this would only be if a different workspace is showing.
  20. @jpccrodrigues There won't be as it is Locke but it is in your list that's a start. Have you tried the restart?
  21. @ericjhberg what version are you in? I am adjusting JP's file and it seems to work but at this moment all I am doing is adding Pipe. Is there more in regards to changes to the design that you might be referring to? Also could you PM me the VB #.
  22. of course you would find that! Do you test everything working backwards in a mirror on a Thursday with the wind blowing from the east? 🙂 Good to know I will test. Lets see what JP comes back with.
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