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  1. If you place it on a site model it will be fine.
  2. my guess is you were placing a single plant using the ply vertex mode of the plant tool. this is the second option on the mode bar and when placing a single plant people often multi click to end. This will place two plants on top of each other. Thus 2 plants instead of one.
  3. you need to use a cropped image with a background either a single color or an alpha channel. It looks like you are using only images not making them image props.
  4. you need to have lines for contours, set them to elevation then use those to create site model.
  5. That would require more than just a pad. You would need to use other modifiers to create the slope you would like along with modifiers to grade the overall water run to the bioswale. use grade lines, pads, and contour lines. If there are other hardscape and walls those also could be used.
  6. Is it world or page based? are you creating pdf for a sheet layer or a design layer?
  7. extrude these and apply a texture. use create hybrid to create 2D look you want. or create a symbol of the extrude and add 2D graphics by pasting the original line work. No need to use hardscape.
  8. select all plants and apply the tick style in the OIP. If your plants are alone on a layer or more then you can select only those layers.
  9. The plant geometry is not centered on zero zero. If you center the graphics the tick mark will show centered.
  10. Is the site model looking to the layer that the stakes are on? Check Site Model Settings> General (at the bottom check layers)
  11. Hmmm! I do this all the time! and I will even create terrain on the roof. I would wonder what it is on your machine that makes it crash.
  12. bgoff

    Plants again

    the plant symbols have too many vertices in them. Just for kicks, try changing the plant graphics to just a color circle and see if that helps.
  13. Select the tags and then select none for fill in the attributes window.
  14. @MartinaL try creating your own image props. you can find great free imagery online or use your own.
  15. Sorry @samgbickel I just noticed this. Yes you should always use a grade limit in any grading process.
  16. Create a site model on the roof using stakes to set the elevation. Set the Landscape area to that site model (should be on a different layer).
  17. Here are some tips and explanations. And the file for you to pick apart and play with. Sample Grading.vwx
  18. You can define multiple limits per site. I often create limits around the specific item to create the limit to that item. Limits can cross each other, so as they become a series of different shapes entertaining or overlapping I will select all and add surface. This makes for a complex shape over the site as a single limit. Also on large sites I may have multiple separate limits leaving areas untouched.
  19. Yes I would agree with that. It does work generally for singe trees on a site and for small areas.
  20. Set a pad around the tree and set the pad to existing. The site will not modify that area.
  21. Try making the Geo image box larger. Often the image box is to small for the data to work. Often I see this with small sites (Residential or small commercial). fill a couple of blocks or a few acres or hectares.
  22. @jeff prince I have used this method from a simple res yard to 400 acre private res with vineyards. depending on the specifics I can set a custom record to fit any unique situation and apply to specific outlets. Swing pipe and ells for turf rotors, funny pipe and ells for sprays on the boulevard. Drop lines, balancers goosenecks and impacts. It can be a way to modify and define qty specifics per head and per type of head. 3/4 vs 1/2 vs 1 vs 2,3,4,6,8 for ells and even if they are mixed. This ensures that the 300+ heads on the site are not using an assumption of 600 funny x male 1/2 when 125 need funny x female 3/4. This creates accurate info every time. It does however pose another level of info you need to manage, so this may not work for everyone. I have also used them to attach to mountain gravity feeds to determine and track available (allowed) access to water. Or even monitor date and times of installation and by who. The fact is Record Format attachment to any object enhances drastically the BIM operation and detailing of the site. I use the extensively for years.
  23. zoom back as they are probably above or below your model. Select the plant props and change the z value to 1" then back to Zero. This trick wakes up the plants and sends them back to surface.
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