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  1. Image props are simply just an image or think of them as cut out pictures. You can set them in a horizontal plane or a vertical plane. Most of the time you will see image props used for presentation of vies generated from 0' elev to (depending on the image) 40-70 if it is at a distance. you can also use imagery of the top of a plan and place that in to achieve a rendered top view. I have not tried to mix the two to see how that would look. As for the VB Visuals. They are 3D geometry and will thus be available from any view.


    As for Image Prop creation. It is super easy and allows you to create and customize to fit your needs.


    I have created thousands of image props over the years and have developed some quick tricks to creating great custom image prop symbols. Just get in and play with them a bit.

  2. Yes, check in your layers and ensure that the drawing layer is set to Georeference. try toggling that on and off to understand the difference. This will set the drawing at the geo ref vs the point set by page zero zero.


    Let me know more if you need. HTH!!!

  3. @lisagravy check your decimal accuracy settings. And Tamsin is correct. Just set using the Geolocate tool. If you are concerned with the file as you are not used to the new workflow. Make a duplicate file to test with. This will allow you to play and not alter the original file.

  4. In the Attributes pallet select the large color block (fill color or pen color) when the picker window appears select the color wheel in the upper right corner. In the next window (usually the color wheel) select the second selection on the top (color Sliders) here you can pick or enter any code you would like.


    Hope this helps.

  5. @ealsheimer first just making sure you are trying to move the Layers and not the Classes. Im sure you're not but sometimes it happens. The other option is if you are not seeing the chisel tool to re-order the layers. Try shutting down VW and restart. Write back to let us know how it working for you.

  6. I believe what you are asking is to subtract a shape from another? If that is so, when using the Push/Pull use the third mode of the tool. This will allow you to select the item to subtract, then second click is to the item to subtract from then third click is to select the item to subtract and pull or push the item to a defined length.


  7. @Roger WebsterI agree that at first this can get confusing. The main issue is there are terms used throughout Vectorworks such as "style" that are designed to be universal. ie. wall styles for Architects, or other "sales" for Spotlight, Renderworks or pretty much anything. Not always can the software completely line up with a specific expertise's terminology thus the confusion. But I will say that once you get past the terminology part, generating plants as symbols is really quite easy and very powerful. The fact that you can create your very own graphic styling (yep I said it) is fantastic. Furthermore the ability to define your own library of symbols and set them in a Favorites or a workgroup library is in itself powerful fast and simply elegant in its process.


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  8. @Mark Aceto as for file size. Yes there will be some file size added. I have not seen it to be that big though. As for your present workflow of sizing the image the old fashioned way. This new process is incredibly easy and fast. I spent some time experimenting with faking or using wrong coordinate systems and using imagery on known drawings and even though the imagery is brought in it is very evident of being the wrong size due to a skewed mercator and a distant zero, zero. In a nutshell its fantastic and might I say really fun! You didn't think you would hear that in a GIS conversation!!

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  9. for simple calculation generate the shape and create a pad modifier from it. here you can set the top and bottom elevations and also set the rise/run or percentage of rise/fall. This will also give you exact elevations that can then be copied to another to continue the slope in sections.


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