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  1. Absolutely. Vectorworks need to sort this from happening in the first place, or at least push out a solution quickly, rather than leaving it up to the users to find a workaround or go through an onerous process to fix something we shouldn't need to be fixing that eats up a chunk of the limited hours we have in the day to do our jobs. We also can't sit and twiddle our thumbs while they analyse our files. My biggest concern with Vectorworks from my experience is that I simply can't trust that work i've done days or weeks before is still going to be the same the next time I look at it. It adds hours of checking and rechecking on to my time.
  2. I had this problem occur for me when section line/marker styles were introduced with VW 2021. Sections would display as if no issue but the marker/line locations were all over the place and if you tried to manually reposition them it would mess up all the annotation positions. Solution I found was to: Go to your sheet and select your section viewport. While selected go to the OIP > Section Line Instances and untick all of your viewports that are active. (If you've not renamed your viewports from the default generated names take a note of which ones they were turned on for or rename your viewports at this point so you can easily turn them back on for the correct drawings) Then just simply go back in to the section line instances in the OIP again and turn them back on for the viewports you want them to show in and they should now display in the correct position.
  3. had the same issue. It seems that may be an old route for installation pre VW 2021. Go to: Help > Install Partner Products > NBS Chorus Once installed you will need to restart VW then once you reopen there should be a new palette for NBS Chorus open as a default
  4. Thanks for that Nikolay that appears to have sorted it. Will do.
  5. never thought to use a worksheet to check for number of title blocks. I have been through all annotation layers as well using select all and manual scrolling through the selected items in the object info and there are no other title blocks identified. nothing has been done differently for this project than any other at our company. I also cannot select the item via the worksheet to delete it. Is this simply a corruption of the file/ghost
  6. Nikolay, Please see attached TEST Title Block Manager Issue.vwx
  7. We currently have an issue in the title block manager where we are getting the '2 >' drop down under the revision data of all sheets but no '1>'. As if there are multiple title blocks, as stated above, but we have checked and there is definitely no second title block on any of the sheets. This is causing VW to incorrectly identify the 'current revision number' in the file name when publishing (I assume because it is taking the 'current rev number' from the '1 >' rather than the '2 >' which it has reassigned everything to. While not a major issue it is added time/chance for a mistake if anyone publishing has to manually rename the file each time. Is there anything else that could cause the multiple drop downs from being generated?
  8. Afternoon All, Does anyone know how to apply data visualization to the exterior/interior wall components governed by plug in window symbols? See below example of a simple data visualization that turns all walls grey. As you can see the wrapped wall components that are part of the window symbol have not taken the grey fill. Is there a specific criteria that controls these elements that can be added to the visualization criteria? I would have thought they would be an extension of the wall they are inserted into and would display the same as the wall to which they are attached but clearly not. Ideally for a simple grey fill we would utilise the wall type attributes and low detail level but unfortunately this is an existing project (prior to our use of data visualization) where said wall style attributes have been used to assign different colours to different wall types. Hoping to avoid having to go through the project amending all wall type attributes to show grey at low detail and applying a data visualization for the colour coding.
  9. Due to upgrade to 2021 this weekend so fingers crossed 🤞 Also we upgraded my colleagues workstation to 32GB RAM in the hopes it would resolve the issues for them but it made no difference, so who knows what the issues was. EDIT 19.10.20 - Updated to VW 2021 over the weekend - Happy to report interior elevations appear to be working a lot smoother and visualisation issues haven't been evident so far.
  10. We've also been having this issue in our office but the workaround has only worked for me. Only difference between our machines is that I have 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory running on an older system while they are running 24GB 1800MHz DDR3 on a newer system. Is this simply an issue of amount of available memory? Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed in 2021? As Neal says, why after almost a year of this issue being known is it not solved?!
  11. Well it didn't work the 3 times I tried it yesterday....but it has indeed worked today. All good to go.
  12. Good Morning All, Just getting started on the forums and in order to get the best help I want to include my workstation specs in my signature...only there appears to be no option for me to do this. I've checked recent posts and all point to the account settings and the fact there should be a signature option below 'Display Name' but as you can see from below screenshot...nothing. Any help would be appreciated. (Apologies in advance if i've missed something simple)
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