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  1. Page>Set Print Area settings... Size set to One Page 36" width 24" height So those settings are correct and shouldn't be interfering with the scaling. But thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like I'll be getting an upgrade to 10.4, so perhaps that will solve the problem. RC [ 11-09-2005, 02:51 PM: Message edited by: RugoseCone ]
  2. I'm running VW 10.5.0 on a G5 with Mac OS 10.3.9 I'm emailing my files to a Windows PC also running VW 11 (not certain if it is 11.5) and that person is printing them on a HP755cm designjet plotter. This person is having a scaling issue with my emailed files and sent this to me... "Open the drawing and go to file>print setup>properties>advanced (at bottom right corner of either "layout" or "paper/quality" tabs). In the middle of these advanced document settings, look at "graphic>scaling". On one of today's drawings, you will see 45%." Since I have a Mac, obvioulsy I can't follow the path specified, but I have looked at the scale setting on my machine in Page Setup>Settings>Page Attributes and Vectorworks. Both are set to 100%. Any ideas why my coworker is ending up with my files scaled to 45%, when I cannot locate any settings with that value on my drawings? RC [ 11-09-2005, 10:52 AM: Message edited by: RugoseCone ]
  3. I figured I give the HP PPD one more try. It worked! Woohoo! I don't know why or what is different this time, but everything seems to be working the way it was before the upgrade. Thanks for all of your help Katie. I'm saving your posts for future reference. RC
  4. Actually I've done everything you just suggested. Deleted the printer, added it with HP's PPD, previewed it (looks fine but prints rotated), and I've been in contact with tech support. They did provide me with the clear print settings script and it didn't change a thing. As I said before, very perplexing. Thanks for taking the time to respond on this issue. Perhaps we will evantually figure it out... RC
  5. Oddly at HP.COM's troubleshooting section they show auto-rotate in the FINISHING pull-down on Mac OS X. I just can't seem to discover it on my system. I have tried HP's drivers as well. I get the same results as with X-Rip and Gimp. I have tried custom sizes as well as ARCH D. So far ARCH D is the setting that works "best". A coworker that runs VW on a Windows machine was able to print just fine to the same plotter. BUT, then she installed ACAD in order to read other people's files and downloaded HP's AutoCAD Optimized drivers. Now she is experiencing the same VW plot issues I am (except on the Win98 platform). This is a very perplexing situation. I tried a plot in Acrobat and I end up with the same results, so it seems to me it is a HP issue, not software (VW) specific. RC
  6. I don't know. I can't find that option in ANY of the pull down menus within the print dialog box. It's not in PAGE SETUP either. It's sort of what I figure the culprit is, but I can't find where to change that setting. RC
  7. With a recent upgrade to VW 10.5 and to OS X 10.2.6 I have found that my once perfect prints are now not so perfect. I have tried the demo version of X-Rip and I have installed Gimp-Print, neither have helped. In VW I have a page set to Arch D size in the landscape format. This is a paper size of 36" wide by 24" tall. When I exit page setup the heavy grey line that denotes the print area looks as it should. However, upon printing my plot has been rotated 90 degrees and I get a sheet that is 36" x 36". Of course everything is printing, but I am wasting a tremendous amount of resources with this 12" x 36" strip of unused premium bond that I must cut away. With the volume of prints that we generate, this could get very expensive. I have tried custom paper sizes, I have tried every print setting available, I have tried just about everything I can think of to try. Has anyone here had a similar experience or know of a solution? I'd REALLY like to hear from you. Thanks, RC
  8. Darn! Not the answer I was hoping for. I wanted the boss to buy me a new rig... Thank you Katie! RC
  9. Has anyone here had any experience using Vectorworks 10 on Mac OS 8.6? I'm running a 450 Mhz G4 PowerMac with 192meg of RAM and OS 8.6. Will VW 10 run on my machine and any idea of how well? Thanks! RC [ 04-15-2003, 04:56 PM: Message edited by: RugoseCone ]


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