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  1. Hi all Was wondering if any have had this problem with a dtm rendering . Fairly big site 20Acres with big variation in contour heights . When I go to render it wont even process on computer . Only thing that happens is the screen changes to grey rendering and nothing else . Even the mouse is free to use for other things usually when rendering the hour glass pops up and you are waiting. Have tried to change the settings thru prefereces and document prefs right throuhout. Altered back the renderworks options as well. it will reneder on screen at about two miles away about 1/2 inch on screen . Wont render in OpenGL,Artistic or fast or final quality only will do shaded polygons . 8871K file size . windows XP P4 2.8 1 gig ram Dual monitor. VWA/RW Have tried it on my other PC and the same happens. I have done a number of dtms and this is the first time this has happened but also this is the first i have done this large. Any ideas people??
  2. Kevin I think that may be an over simplification. Jonathans point is spot on. Its not extra work with the data base , this is one of VWorks many strengths. We just have to keep abreast of its developement. Regards Brendan
  3. "Does a small-sized firm need all those "extras" offered?" I wouldnt think twice do it.Architect is worth it .I work for myself and would not work with std vworks . The wall features alone will pay for themselves in no time .do it !!!!!!
  4. Thanks Nicholas Thats a good idea. Cheers Brendan
  5. Hi All Anyone know how to measure the nurbs length of the path in a extrude along a path object . Start s with a polyline or ploygon the converts to nurbs . Any one with scripty ideas Cheers Brendan
  6. Thats what I mean Sorrry about not being clear enough. I am excited about what they have done ....On several things
  7. Cool cool cool guys way to go I see in the presentation that you have fixed this . Truck loads of other excellent innovations as wellthat I cant wait to get my teeth into. I'm twisting the bosses arm now . Keep on rocking Nemetschek pardon the pun but Solid work!!!!! Brendan
  8. Thanks for the interesting idaes Charles .All input is good because it stimulates u to attack from other angles . Not exactly sure what u mean about the Snapshot maker ability of the object browser? An example of the custom settings I am wanting to change is the attributes of the components so as I have full control of the finished look of the PIO. Instead of having 8 Classes in the Parameter list I thought of tucking it into a menu call. Things like these can keep Your PIO interface simple if u want it but to have full control of the object. Regards Brendan
  9. Thanks for the post anyway . Am wondering whether I have to Putfile and place somewhere outside the doc to draw from later? Brendan
  10. Hi Everyone Have enjoyed my journey into the world of creating my own dialogs for a PIO. At present have worked on a drop down menu that gives you a 4 -5 numbers of setting changes dialogs otherwise the PIO Palette is as tall as Everest. My problem is that now that I can call these dialogs and the changes take place it doesnt change my default value. eg SetEditReal() I thought would do this . the changes take place on screen but if you call the dilaog back the default values in the Create EditReal() are still there . I guess eveytime you call the dialog it calls the layout then the driver routine follows . I want the driver to change the layout default . I thought SetEditReal() would do this . Anyone with suggestions .Thanks Brendan VWA/RW, WinXP, P41600MHz512Ram, 64Video
  11. Hey this may be a thought . VW 10 one of the many improves I liked was to double click to enter groups and layer links. What about right click once to return back and to and exit the group ra ra ra .Right click twice to top level.??? Brendan
  12. So to go backwards you have to think forward about going backward. But I am a backward guy so I cant throw my boomerang forward. Maybe the enter key hit once,or twice depending on 2-3 tools you want to go back. It needs to be retro active not proactive. Maybe Im not that backward. Anyway lets move forward Brendan
  13. Don't know if this is what you want. To change default font is like changing for the text tool. Make sure nothing selected then go to menu command Text font andchoice what one you want. Brendan
  14. Shift Z may be a shortcut assigned
  15. The little arrow on the 3d Selection tool if clicked on will pop out the light tool icon. If not edit the workspace and place on your 3d tool pallette yourself(under tools) ,but I think it will be there. I hope this sheds light on the matter. Brendan
  16. Gidday Kiwi Got it .Dont know how u worked that out so quick. Runnig as a script it works fine . Just question on dialog builder.Have tried it with VWA9.5 but not in 10.Is it availiable for 10.5. Havent seen it at NNA anywhere?. I'll see how many times can use this in the next week. Cheers cool tool. Brendan
  17. Sorry about that. Win Xp VWA10.5 2.66Mhz 1gig ram 128Video. Brendan
  18. Giday Kiwi Have tried your script .Did try to set up as plugin and as a script .I dont seem to be able to get it to read existing Layers & Classes .The Dialog returns empty .Is there any thing I am meant to be doing with this. Thanks for the contribution I agree with your sentiments about concepts & Ideas. Cheers Brendan
  19. I have tried to use this in a Script to get arial font on Win XP. On different computers gets a diiferent font depending on how many in the system. Any one had this and overcome? Brendan
  20. Thanks guys Tried both suggestions ,but didnt work Did see somewhere that Setclass causes a redraw. Tried this but had to zoom in and out to get it to be seen . What has worked tho is within the function to call ResetObject(h);. Works Spot on now .Perhaps this is basic and I should have done it to start with or good to remember for altering this type of object in the futre?
  21. Been asked before but dont know how to apply to a dimension offset value .What I mean is what do I add to the script to get it to regenerate. As you do GetObjectVariableReal then use SetObjectVariableReal it changes but not visually until you manually change something from OIP. I know its been suggested to have dummy values but does this work for dimensions .Any Ideas??? I want to be able to change a whole line of multiple dimensions while still in the script. Thanks for any replies. Brendan
  22. Dont know if on Windows or not .But I have to press Cntrl key to zoom with wheel . If press Alt or Shift It chnges the to vertical or horizontal panning with use of the wheel.Pressume the equivalents work on Macs. Hope that helps Brendan
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