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  1. Sorry type11 I am on windows. I just thought allways most of these issues were windows because i have been educated that Macs are better. After some of the other posts in general discussion I maybe should save my money as I was seriosly thinking of going to Mac next year. Thats frustrating to say the least. regards Brendan
  2. Type11 You can scroll up and down if you click on a class and have it highlighted you can then use the wheel. Brendan
  3. Viewports are the best thing since sliced bread. It would be good tho to be able to copy like artistic render settings to another viewport as this would allow consistancy on a page with multiple VPs side by side. Sure one can do this maybe from copying but it doesnt allways copy the render settings. This would speed things up when you are trying to guess exact settings across many Vps and having to scroll thru menus and obtions and sub options. Perhaps the eyedropper tool with some viewport setting copy options. Regards Brendan
  4. Tom Quite possibly. I think it comes back to the type of shape as well. Because it recesse internally and the clipping object is intersecting it twice while still inside it ,it goes screwy. Perhaps its time to submit to bug submit. I tried going fromt wards and backwards, no fill on one on fill on both,convert the rectangle to a polygon no go. It worked every time tho when i split the Rectangle then used both to clip the surface. Sorry but thats the only work around i can think of at this stage. Regards Brendan
  5. I Agree with the above $100 not much for what it is. I am surprised at times at the number of users who will spend to by the program but not anything on harnessing its potential. Buy the manuals and get into it. You dont go forard thinking backwards. I have them and the associated cd with movies and I pull them out every now and then and allways learn something. Kind regards Brendan regards brendan
  6. Me too the New Zealand beer is better as well. Im on pc
  7. Hi Thomas I had a look at the file. I think the problem is because you are trying to clip the main object twice with the smaller rectangles,while still within the shape of the main object but yet outside of it,to those that havent seen the file that sounds mental. I split the rectangles in half so they were only intersecting the main object once and it worked okay. I have never found this before tho ,perhaps it is a limitation. I know its one more step but it is working tho. hope this is a help Regards Brendan
  8. yes please too! Would be useful as well if you wanted to rotate a hatch Brendan
  9. I have had a similar problem but it may be diFferent as well. Sounds stupid I know but I operate windows and when I had a useless motherboard and on board graphics card and it did this until I unticked the preferences that asked you to use " Hardware Accelerated 2d navigation and "Use Vector caching for Fast Drawing". now that I have upgraded these I can use this fine feature of the program. Perhaps this may be the problem. until you upgrade dont use these these features. I could be wrong as you already have a good graphics card and motherborad allready. all the best Brendan
  10. Don"t you mean interiorcad Look under partners on nemeschek website. Regards Brendan
  11. I agree with mike. I am fortunate enough to have the Australia/NZ version of Architect and the windoor manger that comes with it is brilliant . I would think that would be cool is in these tools, as you are able to import any handle odject and associate to a door it would cool to be able to import a fancy door symbol and associate to an opening as well. Regards Brendan (New Zealand) i wouldnt hesitate to get out the credit card Diana
  12. What about the format type try alternatives . Is the formay supported? or at least is it better in another format Regards Brendan
  13. Send it on balemi5@clear.net.nz I see if it happens here. I have windows platform tho
  14. I have bounced this in general discussion to see if there is a work around for this problem I am having,nothing life altering so far. When layers start to have lots of objects and a few hatches in them the redraw rate slows down . When you get to the end of a job with many details it is challenging on efficiency. Was wondering if this is a good request to be able to turn off the hatch visibility some how, bit like some of the preferences so as to speed up .Then when you finally print you can turn on . This has been a challenge I have allways found this slows redraw and scrolling around with 2D in Vworks . Its bad as well with multiple view ports on a page. Regards Brendan
  15. Thanks for the tip. yes it will help I find with mltiple viewports on an A1 page its slooow at times. Man wouldnt it be cool if you could turn on and off. Brendan
  16. If you have 11 then use the eyedropper tool and check the box "set custom defaults' after you set it on a block of text that is the right font. of course ensure all the text obtions are checked as well. I have set up a keyboard key for this tool to do this,it may be a work around. This may help Regards Brendan
  17. Hi Pamela Try www.vectordepot.com and under plugins there is a broken line tool you can download and place in your plugins folder within the vectorworks folder,its towards the bottom. I think this allows text to be inserted. Hope this is what you want. Regards Brendan
  18. No its not its two opinions Regards Brendan
  19. Thanks Jonathan Yes i do do this and I have made a script that allows me to turn on and off ,also you have made a tool that does this in the cd with your manuals . But to here you say that obvoisly means that this is the only work around and the moment. I was hoping I was missing something obvious. Thanks for the reply Regards Brendan
  20. Hi Travis Yes good idea , and I do do that at times but as it happens often on these type of details you are bouncing around the layer going in and out of details tidying up. Its then that the video struggles or posioning multiple viewports on an A1 sheet . Thanks for the post Travis Regards Brendan
  21. I find when I am getting to completion of a job with layers say for instance a details @ 1:5. It may have 10-20 Deatails on it a number of hatch patterns depicting timber,blockand subsrate sections. The more objects in the layer and especially the more hatch patterns the slower the zooming and screen refresh. Is there a way of turning off the hatch visibility at this stage of the job with it still as with custom visability or something. While the hatch patterns were turned off you can still assign and know what hatch it has thru the attributes palette even tho its not visible. I realize I could set up classes to do this and change the classes at the end but was wondering if I am missing something here that i could do quickly, with say a dozen- twenty classes this may take time. Maybe this is a wish list item? dont tell me its a window thing. Redards Brendan. XP p4 2.8 processor ,1 gig ram 64 video VWA 11.01 ( my other pc with 128 video slows the same )
  22. I have found at times with this it is critical in what sequence you do this .Although some walls are hard. Copy a few of your cnrs to the side and try form the inside out. Diferent sequences effect it differently, I have found, Also toggling some to butt join and some to mitre. Maybe you just have to cheat with hatch poly's over, this is a desperate work around. It would be interesting what Archoncad majic would work here.
  23. Sheeee May its time to get out of the business. Vectorworks cant be beaten for price and performance I think. I dont know about the good old days and I know it can be hard keeping up, but it sounds like you need to, it will make more money for you. Regards Brendan
  24. Dont sweet it people . Jonathan as usuall sorts it out. I trying to be clever intially set up my contours heights as presented on the plan so it was way up in 3d space. As a result it wouldnt view. But I should have done a better job of setting up a correct viewer height. Cheers Jonathan the "yoda" of Vectorwoks.
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