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  1. I cant get it to work quite simply. The tracking of the pen is a serious problem for me on the cintiq 21ux. I cannot get it to work it is offset. Perhaps you do? I have tried 2 different Wacom systems. Why does it not intuiatively act as these other software manufacturers have got happening. Thanks for the questions Windows XP All other Hi teck blah
  2. At present finding the tablet driver very useless indeed. I have never really been a tablet fan but when in high detailing work its click click click. After a week of this seriuos burnage in the tendons and I am a real shortcut key type of Guy. I use multipule other programs that work seemlessly with Wacom technology. When designing I feel the using my hands is large part of the creative process with artistic presentation. So my big thing is for Vworks to work with the body process with this as well. Plus helping the strain thing so can change the way I draw from time to time will help significantly. Corel and adobe are examples of programmers that are using this technology well. I suggest some of you try the Wacom Cintiq 21ux it will blow you away with how it changes the way you work,but not yet with Vworks. Interested in your thoughts.
  3. Yes I aggre with this. It has been asked for heaps. When I heard NNA annouce for 2008 that they have deliverd on our wishes I believe its only .5 true. Heads up display is awesome. I believe when going thru this wish list & seeing some of the document presentation wishes & problems we keep mentioning NNA needs to employ someone with a strong plan document presentation viewpoint. Stop bloating the programme with clever modelling thingys that you hardly ever use. (Human figure) Stick to fast screen refresh, real time zoom and PIOs anyone would be proud to display. Most Pio objects I get frustrated with and either make my own or ungroup and rebuilt line by line . If we are to have 3d hatches on elevations & perspectives line weight control is neccesary. I can tell an Archicad drawing from a mile because of its sterile elevation presentation (lineweights are almost all the same ) . I do not know how this can be developed in perspective but for elevations this would be useful indeed. Regards Brendan
  4. You can tell you are in the Southern hemisphere right now. Back uo North its just another long weekend. Brendan
  5. Way to go Christiaan & Pete keep fighting the fight. I seriously believe there are some major problems with DLVP that have not been developed & thought thru. Today I decided with 2008 to use these powerful developements to my advantage since I had paid for them. Well when it came to print off Sheet layers what a stuff up it appeared. All the layer opacity i got excited about I had to toss away by developing a class called "Design Layer VPorts" that I could turn off then edit the SLVP to Change layer Opacity and turned on layers & off my class "Design Layer VPorts"(which I assigned my Design layer viewports.) What a load of old bollacks!!!!!. I am excited about some of the capabilities in the new version, but I suspect what I have done for a few years that there seems to be a lack of "real" beta testing happening in releases now. I have floated around since late Version 8 & to me 11 release was as good as it got. All the way thru 12 has been unstable especially with 2d edit tool capabilities. I see the potential for all of this stuff but my 10 cents worth is for VWorks to seriosly sort out its Beta testing. Real world. No way we should be coming across these fundamental qliches now.And if they arent qliches o dear thats disappointing really! BBalemi xp sp2 2008 sp1
  6. Hey Runtime Error to all those autocad users if they dont buy Vectorworks it could be "Vector la vista" "you'll be back" Regards Brendan the cadennator
  7. Done this several times before. Save it to the folder in youre Mac hardrive whever you want it to be. Then open from within vector works then save, the system will provide the icon recognition thinging from there. you have to open fronm within V works . Hopes this helps. Brendan
  8. I dont think they will go back to the minicad name because whats it a miniture of. its qiute a large package really. I think that would be bad branding.
  9. Hi Dean I like youre suggestion on hatches and ellipse tool. The animation issue would most likely be good if you visited ozcad site. unwrap and wrap would be cool tool. Brendan
  10. Have you updated drivers recently for youre graphics card lately? This often helps brendan
  11. just a useless thought i dont think the next version will be called 13. Maybe Vectorworks 07 Purely diversion this is. Brendan
  12. Just a thought. Maybe in 12.5 because excellent stuff came out in the last .5 upgrade. thanks for all the cool updates to date NNA Brendan
  13. Still at best only a work around 3.d vertor fills needed bad. Archicad has had for quite some time. This would make our freehand presentation go to the next level. or a utility that that converts our hatches. Maybe in version "13", woooo if its called that. regards Brendan
  14. What about a utility to convert all the cool stuff you have done with wall styles in previos versions ???? Yes yes I know put it on the wish list. Brendan
  15. Wow version 8 on Xp I dont mean to be obnoxious by why go for the windows upgrades and not vector works. I thought xp couldnt run 8. Buy buy buy the upgrades you will make money.
  16. I had this trying to Open a file from scratch not from within vworks off a cd Ver 12.00 With Vw open it worked but not from the cd before vw was working. I hope this may be something .
  17. Add to that better 3D selection. better still one cusor mode that changes to whatever selected, 3d seletion mode fire up when touch 3d line 2d when 2d line. Also better 3d selection snaps i fin it verylimited at present, especially centre of circular extrudes.
  18. I aggree On youre secound point Mike maybe just a tickbox "linelength to text length" would be a help to?
  19. Nice Idea Bruce. Especially if you have six quadzillion classes Or the ability to divide them into groups with a divider and then to filter or an ability to set it so it defaults or returns to a specified group when editing. Brendan
  20. Agree And hit the esc key and you can pull out of it . Not wait half an hour with your finger up youre nose not being able to do anything else. This is where most of applying texture time goes. Sometimes accidentally zoom in and.... oooops there goes another half an hour of life. Brendan
  21. I aggree . So when it sucks in our Door and Windowor symbol it cuts out for it at the two levels. A long time needed must. Brendan
  22. Hi All One thing I feel I would benefit from is the ability to use the every good and much improved Eyedropper tool to be able to also pick up a symbol type and replace with another. Also the abilty while we are on symbols, to thru the rescource browser when dragging and dropping a symbol into a drawing, be able to have an option to drag thru its folder or to make one so that it just doesent stay in top level. This would keep library structure similar as you go thru drawings. But wait there is more . When replacing a symbol have the default appear in the symbol folder where that symbol is, or at least an option so that you are not scrolling all over the place. this would be good when say you are replacing a 760 door with a 710 door or a 610 door blah blah. We usually have these all in the same folder. this might not be necessary if the Eyedropper worked for symbols and had a couple of options to do the above. Dont know if this would wreck havoc with workgroup referencing tho. Cheeers Brendan [ 05-17-2005, 06:26 AM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  23. Hi D. A work around I do at times is to send them to the back (windows ctrl b). Or does this change the cool look of youre drawing? doesnt work all the time. Brendan
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