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  1. google sketch up libraries Import sketch up into blank file. then cut and paste.
  2. I have had a crack at this lately. I downloaded the trial. Exported to Artlantis and everything is dark and useless. Model looks like a budget shaded polygon job. How do you export to have it with textures as ones applied in Vworks? Brendan Vworks2010 designer and R/w win 7 64 bit
  3. Do I put this in Architect ? Landmark or Renderworks?I guess general discussion. Easy mapping of a dtm. Is it me or has 2010 got complicated on this. Texture 45 degrees to perspective line. The old mapping tool was easier? Attribute mapping seems useless. cant dynamically render while you edit?? and doesn't seem to edit anyway. So how do you do?? I used to be able to do it before 10. Version 2010 sp2 win 7 64 bit a zillion gig of ram and all that stuff. Brendan
  4. I dont I have tried and given up. Would like to but you know. Have to get a job out on time and all that. Paying clients,and the earth spins on its axis. Would like to know who does and whether it is really worth the wait. Brendan
  5. I often import my own image backgrounds.with no repeat. Why the hell cant you move them where you want to easily, relative to your perspective. Use to be able to awkwardly. Just have a tool that like the page move tool where you can shift the background to where you want it . Or maybe the attributes mapping tool, but that would be awkward. Before 2010 you used to able to fake it by controlling its x and Y location. Beats me why you upgrade for less function because of change. Brendan
  6. From a New Zealand point of view we are very blessed to be given a version localized by Julian of Ozcad. His tools are really good and intuitive without this Vworks would be very clunky. But he is also a very good program scripter and I sense he draws as well or at least understands it, because his additional tools actually are practical. Some of the clever stuff in Vworks is clever but I never use hardly, like the human figure tool.Looks plastic always. I believe NNA bought the camera tool of him. If thats the case this is an example of a practical man making practical tools not a nerd thingy. Some of the tools seem to me to reveal that the programmer does not know the construction process well? Frustration for me is waiting for its relaese yet.
  7. Great guys . All comments are really helpful. I aggree that its the small things that make the difference. Speed in the small areas is where I know I will make the most productivity gains. OK me will get. Cheers Brendan
  8. How would you train people new to Vworks in the complexities of the BIM? As programmes get more features it gets harder to introduce people to programme logic. Many people including me are under utilizing a number all ready. Brendan
  9. Cheers guys. I see it will require its own dicipline. Thanks Ray for the link. "BIM is able to achieve such improvements by modeling representations of the actual parts and pieces being used to build a building. This is a substantial shift from the traditional computer aided drafting method of drawing with vector file based lines that combine to represent objects. The interoperability requirements of construction documents include the drawings, procurement details, environmental conditions, submittal processes and other specifications for building quality. It is anticipated by proponents that BIM can be utilized to bridge the information loss associated with handing a project from design team, to construction team and to building owner/operator, by allowing each group to add to and reference back to all information they acquire during their period of contribution the BIM model. For example, a building owner may find evidence of a leak in his building. Rather than exploring the physical building, he may turn to his BIM and see that a water valve is located in the suspect location. He could also have in the model the specific valve size, manufacturer, part number, and any other information ever researched in the past, pending adequate computing power." This is a definition in wikipedia. But the thing I wonder is you have to been controlling all aspects of the building process for it to work like this. Plumbers I know stick the valve where they think. Also say you could use it for bracing calculations ,but what about different country regulations. I often find I am forced already to not use some of the mechanisms in Vworks because they dont work in my country. But if I can retrieve more info more easily I am all for that. Brendan
  10. Thanks guys. But doesnt this reveal the dilemma. Its like I will Marry you even if tho I dont know if its going to work.But I can go back to my old wife if I dont like it. I used to be in love with Vworks, but I am starting to look around and be "unfaithful" because I am wondering how faithful they are to me. Buy but go back to 2008 is a hard one . I am interested in the new solids engine. Better beta testing is the feeling I have had since after version 11 Brendan
  11. Hi guys. Sound like I will upgrade then. Ta. I think major problem is with hatches. I have wished for a global turn off hatch command but not yet. I just dont think a layer with 4 signifcant cross sections slowing down is that great a situation. Good detailing but I am only talking residential here. Brendan
  12. Hi Chritiaan How accurate will it be? I find now with plans that I model I get accurate info by my 2d drafting? Am I going the way of the dinosaur? Brendan
  13. Come on guys just yeh its good & I will upgrade. Brendan
  14. I agree with a large amount of you here. VWorks cant be sitting here fixing bugs and not developing. But I feel a shift in emphasis within the company real or otherwise. I think some of the bugs of late have shown us users disrespect. But some of the improvements have been revolutionary. The nerds should become draughtsmen tho. this would help . Why ? well its because its drawing that makes us money. One of the great misconceptions of of age is: Just because you can right software and talk programming language you have a grip on reality. Brendan
  15. Hi Robby So I dont assume can you sketch in plan your roof and walls. Are you wanting the framer tool to work as well? Picture speaks a thousand words thingy. Regards Brendan
  16. Yeah thanks Mike. Your Presumption is right. I did know about the classes but forgot. Similar to layers scrolling. Thanks for that. Gee you know alot about VW's seriously. But in some instances your answer proves my point. they are like work arounds which I do often do. These are all mutiple functions to do tho.. I am sort of asking for more intuative functions on Vectorwoks. Stop having to go into parent objects unneccesarily if you can help it its all millions of nano secounds we are burning up. Illustration: If you save in new zealand $20-00 per week for 20 yrs you have over 40 k now. but of course no where to invest safely. Thousands of clicks and screen refereshes would save you the same amount of money very quickly. It all adds up. Moral of the story for a time context ,if we watch our cents the dollars will look after themselves. Cheers Brendan
  17. Howdy all. I have been told i dont quite understand the BIM. Thats okay ,so what is going to be the advantage for Joe sixpack. (I which it was ) Just to coin a phrase used in the american politicial scene lately. I am a small operation,and dont want to model cites yet,maybe a town would be great. Look forward to your technical mono syllabic answers.TIA Regards Brendan
  18. Hi all. Here are a couple of things I have said to myself "wouldnt it be faster if ???". Have any of you got speed ideas? As i believe there are lots of areas of 2d drafting that Vw can still be sped up a little. 1- When detailing I have many clasess for detail line weights. Rather than going to OIP and assigning a class a keyboard shortcut to assign to the next class in the list. Ctrl +Alt+Arrow or similar,so can go up and down. As result with our cleverly labelled classes with hyphens this will work well. This would be a speed enhancement I think. I guess a script could be worked as a menu item . 2- Floor objects able to be edited by 2d edit like roof tool and with textures able to be applied to the side. As it is at moment you go inside to its 2d parent object with a screen blink,a click click or 2 and exit click and another screen blink. All a bit slow, even with a turbo charged computer. Also area feed back on OIP. 3 - A ceiling tool like the floor tool but upside down. No side texture needed. 2d editable tho. 4 - When you touch a rectangle with the 2d edit tool marquee and it prompts you a dialogue asking if you want to convert to a polygon and if you say yes pleae it does it all. Rather than a few other steps you have to go through. Also in the case of arc smoothing menu tool which it doesnt do if a rectangle . Perhaps there a few things I am already missing Regard Brendan
  19. Cheers Christian Okay so I maybe dont get it all. so how is it going to be good for this small operator down in a small island in the pacific. I guess what I am trying to get at is the bulk of my architectural work is high end detailing. I still think screen refresh and zooming and stability are the areas where drawing time can be sped up the most. In my humble opion VWorks 2008 seemed like it was a beta release and I hope it does not appear the same way for 2009. It had great features but I lost some time with the annoying little screen messages or a programme freeze. Does anyone know about 2009. How stable and just how good this new 3d engine is. Brendan. Ps I had a draw on autocad Lt the other day ,other than the zoom it was terrible.
  20. Hi I am a Windows user. Try this Exit V works and restart. Open only this file. You may have a couple of files opened. I think a memory leak????? I dont bug submit because I dont have the time and they dont answer anyway. Brendan
  21. Hi all. I havent been posting much over the last year due to disappointment. Just asking as will be released soon down under in New Zealand. I am asking this question because I am an embittered 2008 user. I have been a Vw user since Version 8 & are left wondering? We have a financial system collapse or even at least a housing downturn coming up for us all due to the all American dream. Should I upgrade or wait for the cliches to be slowly removed. How stable is it?????? 2008 had great features but was severly lacking in many areas as a release, I believe it was a beta release. We were the testers. Also I do personally believe that the BIM is a delusion. We live in a country that is legislating the hell out of the buliding trade and there is no way I could use these supposed features from a Bim in my details. And if I could what sort of memory would it require. That is for me mentally to learn and of the computer. Stabilty and response time is essential. Speed Speed Speed. Someone from NNA should start drawing again and feel the frustration. I am teased by the New solids kernel they are talking about. But bear in mind I have listened to a few of these upgarde pitches before. Just to set the record straight I hope all you Vw works users in the United states are managing ok, it must be very hard right now. Take Care. Brendan
  22. My Apologies I should be more specific when frustrated. Vworks Architect 2008. Open pgm for first time it tracks across pencil fine. Open Menu tools and turn on Tablet it goes crappy. turn it off and its crappy still and have to shut down pgm. Why does it feel like the V works programmers do not sit down and think about the end users real life graphic artists. 2008 has consistantly been the worst yet except for version 9 at least we have more functions and gimics . Pleaese stay with really intiuative functionality not 'with glitzy BIM illusion because the real world will never have a pgm outdo the human mind and its capabilty to be artistic. I am off subject here now arnt I
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