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  1. Hi Guys, Make the texture transparent. Works then. Dont think its right to have to do this. Try layer and override opacity there Brendan
  2. I have had this problem with Pc to mac transfer. The mac shows no vectorworks recognizable icon? Save file on hard drive on Mac. Open from within vectorworks if you can. Brendan
  3. I have version 7 of windows 64 bit. Since updating to 2010 no help files?????????? I pride myself on not often having to go to the help files. Since this upgrade I have never had them. Adobe air sinks as far as I concerned. On installation it hangs for hours. What programming rubbish. Can NNA stop this love affair with fixing something that all ready works. Why Adobe Air when everything worked fine before?? Was hoping SP3 fixed it. Please as the end user no big rave as to what I have now to do. Just make the dam thing work. Brendan
  4. yep yep yep..... how may times I have done cool presentation stuff,(imho)only to find some spelling mistakes. Good ask. I wish techos who write software also had to spend long hours doing documents. B
  5. Why, Well when I install it hung for hrs. I gave up. I want to go to help files. well what a load of nonsense. It falls over. For years everything fine. I have had adobe products for a number of years now . I want to say this. They are following Windows Vista and going for bloat At least windows 7 has grown, it seems I know What all you Mac users are all Thinking !!!!. But its true. Is NNa so related to it that it has to use this junk ?
  6. Hi Benson I here what you are saying. But dont blame V/works solely for the problem,its with double translation with autocrap. The file transfer data dont you think. Its like converting English to Spanish to French. You have to blame the in between language as well. I was a cnc operator in a past computer life( a cnc operator for a joinery company ) , it feels like you are really in the groove. Problem is the whole cad system from start has been built on cards That is auto-cad(because they were first) There is your delema really. What we really need is a really good cad data transfer system. Not smashing V/works Please note I am yet to relieve a backhander Cheers Brendan
  7. I know this has been asked before. Ability to batch print a number of sheets as jpegs or any other image for that matter. When you have file with a large number of images as pdf does not do well, they can be hideously huge files. So jpeg is best Just had a job where I had to manually print and name 19 sheets printing jpeg. yes tick boxes, change res. check file size. Imagine a 30 something page file. Whats with that for workflow blah blah blah.... Brendan
  8. I would like for good presentation reason the ability to to have 3d hatching applied to walls and stuff. Yes I know we all ask from time to time, buts its due. Imagine how cool hidden line rendering could look with this in sketch. This is the most significant visual capability missing from Vworks I reckon at present. Brendan
  9. This is really small thing but...... Sometimes placing text over a dark background I have text white for clarity from background,eg commenting over a dark image. When text is white and you edit Vworks should switch it to black automatically as you cant see the text you are editing. Sure sure you can do work around by making it pink, yellow or blue but I like it to be white all the time and not have to change it back. Brendan
  10. Just thought a good idea everynow and then to look at all the good work done to date. Sometimes these forums can be all about the annoying stuff.. Im going to start -Love the screen plane layer plane options for 2d objects. - Also dimension editing capabilities. - Real assosciate dimensioning, you ajuste the dim. and the wall changes . Thats great a little clichey but good stuff. - Attribute mapping of hatches and images. with thwehatches this is awesome now. Jump in guys. Brendan
  11. Heres the thing. I left it alone after a couple of days. You know how it is. Mike contacted me by email and prompted me to revisit it. I had tried every button check box and slider I though could have that was possibly related. Adjusted the "page boundary opacity" of the Interactive View Settings.... no joy. So I switched to black background bang there they were. Switch back to white bang there it was. Funny way of refreshing the screen but hey finally there. Go figure. still OS thing I believe. No colour pickup for page boundary tho. Still dont really care. Its fixed , I dont know why but it is for now. Thanks for all you interest and help. Cheers Brendan
  12. Thanks for all the interest everyone. I had tried all these. You know how it is you go through huge mental gymnastics to find out what is not working when it has for years. Even if i changed my interactive view settings to pink this does not change. Cheers for all the help to date. Brendan
  13. I dont know about this. I can see the advantages for volume calcs. But imagine how slow things would become to render. Imagine radiosity. B
  14. Thanks Mike Yes thats true but still means Jack. I cant see the page cells. Real baffling. Im thinking sure it one of those cliche things. Damm. Brendan
  15. Thanks for the reply guys. Be assured I have tried everything.and no difference prior to expressing myself here. But I appreciate the interest and suggestions. Hey guess what thou. I opened the exact file on my xp sp2 windows 32 bit laptop and whamo. Shows the individual page cells. Exact file. Wonder if is 64 bit problem, windows 7 problem or graphics card problem?????? Regards B
  16. Hi Pat Thanks for the reply. Thing is I have opened an older 2009 file.which was fine Only difference is 64 bit windows 7. I have tried all options. Sometimes I regret getting the new versions until 6 months until these sort of things are sorted. Well thats sort of is how I am feeling B
  17. Just confirms a hunch to me about this forum. I l?ke alot of the people who try to help here, but I feel its a little dominated by the techno ego. I have been using this pgm. since version 8. Why do I say ,well a suggestion often thats simple and helpful gets ignored by the majority yet something like Vectorworks for Ipod gets a zillion comments. Which I struggle to see in real (not virtual)reality works. Strange, if you are really using this pgm to make money and not spent it. I design and draw, I dont spent my life thinking of the next thing in feel good products to use onsite. I want vectorworks to speed up that process not spend its resources entertaining the techos. IMHO think seriously how this pgm. can be sped up simply. Not all bells and whistles fancy. Just an expression my frustration at times Brendan
  18. No thats checked. Seems like an imaginary option. As i said worked before but not now. I think it is non existing option that now does not work in 2010. Thanks for reply tho. B
  19. I have prob. that has only happened with new version. If you have multiple pages on a sheet layer it now doesnt show the border of the page in between. It only shows a perimeter. Doesnt show the individual page cells. So how do you place logos and where do you line it up? Real pain when a new versions doesnt seem to allow something to no longer work. Any ideas people or is this broken? Does anyone else have this pain. Brendan
  20. Not critical but nice. Its an option that is there but gathers ethernet dust. Its an option I rarely use as just dont get away with a quick adjustment unless its small. Brendan
  21. Love the way NNA has improved texture mapping to this tool. and we can map to different faces. 2 improvements I think are obvious with its use are. 1/ The ability see dynamic feedback on OIP of square area. It is floor all said and done. 2/ Be able to use the 2d reshape tool to edit its parent shape like the roof tool does. Without having to go inside the object. When us designers are shifting walls we need to be able snap to the floor edge so as to see where we are putting our floor to. The roof tool is brilliant for this. Surely the floor would be easy to do this to as it seems clearly less complicated. Brendan
  22. Matt. Thanks for the prompting. I have looked at this often. I think its a brilliant tool and well done for creating it. You will see me on the other side of my credit card soon I guess. Its good to have you and users also like Julian Carr who create some really practical tools. Real users with real solutions. I see it looks like Vectorworks have bought his select similar tool and Renderworks camera tool off over time. They should buy yours and provide it in the suite. I hope you dont mind me saying so. I like your doodle sketch work as well. My feeling over the years is that some of the new tools seem clunky. I am left guessing if that things should be really streamed lined not for additional features and buttons but for speed of use. Easy manipulation and control. IMHO less wow stuff more hard core speed stuff. Vectorworks gets more complicated and systems hungry as it grows. These bells and whistles dont neccesarily speed me up and get images to print . Thats where I get payed who cares if you have HDRI capabilities but you cant move the image where you want it. see what I am saying. I have digressed Cheers Brendan
  23. I understand. For Images You can hold down the shift key and drag (i think its the shift ) and it does this tho.
  24. Thanks Peter nice to hear your approval. Been waiting all day to see if someone cares. Cheers
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