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  1. Hi Guys, Has anyone had this issue before? It seems that when using the callout tool as an annotation within a viewport, If there is "sketch hidden line" applied to the viewport, the callout tool arrowhead does some funny things duplicating, pointing the wrong way... .. see the attached files.. Mac Pro 2008 2009 SP2 99197 OS X 10.5.6
  2. update: create joists from poly seems to have been fixed... at least it works perfectly for me. regarding the i-joist being missing, it never was missing... the procedure changed. to get i-joists, choose "wood truss" once you do that, another option becomes available: "use solid web" Then choose .75" for "web width" and you're good to go... to hazard a guess, the term "i-joist" might have been too generic or brand specific for the entire english speaking international user base... (or they just made a bad call)
  3. How do you know? OK, here's another script: MESSAGE(GETPREF(10002)); If it returns TRUE, the script has worked - which does not mean that it would have had the desired effect... Apologies for flippancy. I'll go and install the SP into my MacBook. actually tried your suggestion just for giggles... returned "false" checked the xml file, definitely read " 1 "
  4. Quote: "Not necessarily. I don't think there is support for resolutions above 1920x1200, which is the native resolution of most 24" displays. With 30" or above, the pixels are just larger. (One may even be able to read the OI..)" N.B.: native resolution on the 30" cinema display is 2560 X 1600 pitch is 0.250 mm 24" cinema display native resolution is 1920 X 1200 pitch is 0.258 mm
  5. yes, .vss or .txt both work fine but not .vs one can easily create a new file in simpletext with the contents SetPref(10002,TRUE); AlrtDialog('done'); save as whatever... in my case it was zoom_fix.vss I added the alert dialog to confirm that the script has executed
  6. Guys... the use of this script referenced in the link below has completely solved the redraw issue for me. It is a simple vectorscript that tweaks an application preference. It seems to cause the screen to redraw immediately after zooming. follow the instructions referenced below: (and please read the whole thread) http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=115468#Post115468
  7. strangely, when I try to run this script via Tools > Scripts > Run VectorScript..., I cannot select it (item is greyed out) and yes, it is renamed as in the message above. N.B. I am able to run the script only with the ".txt" extension, item remains greyed out with the extension ".vs" This script remedies the redraw after zooming issue on my MacPro tower referenced in post: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=112442#Post112442
  8. "Nemetschek North America Updates Vectorworks 2009 Product Line (SP2)" and this display problem persists... what a drag Let's not jump to conclusions regarding the video card... I am on the stock ATI 2600 poll: a) Are you having the issue, b) What card are you using, in which mac?
  9. I guess what I am really wondering is if upgrading my video card would solve this problem...
  10. so... no redraw issues on zooming? how big of a screen are you running... I am on a 30" aluminum cinema display
  11. Mr Gog... what video card do you have installed I have the same cpu config as you and have fairly bad redraw problems when zooming in or out I am running the stock (not upgraded) video card
  12. temporary solution: also reinstates the i-joist! It seems to work fine to substitute the relevant plug-ins from 2008 for the corresponding ones in 2009. (I have not tested this extensively, but it seems to work for me). They reside in the plug-ins folder in the root level of the Vectorworks folder the plug-ins are: Create Joists from Poly.vsm, Framing Member Tool.vst, FramingMember.vwobject For safety, put the plug-ins from 2009 somewhere of your choice for safekeeping to put back (hopefully to be updated) when the next service pack is issued. FYI: I am running 2009 sp1 on an 2.8Ghz octo-core Mac Pro w/ 10GB of RAM OS 10.5.5
  13. Can anyone (Katie?) point us to a list of what bugs have been squashed with the release of 11.5.1?? Thanks David Rosenfeld Dual 2Ghz G5 running 10.4.2
  14. Hi Guys, Any word on a plugin to facilitate spotlight searching within Vectorworks documents? This would be a very handy thing... David Rosenfeld
  15. Hello All, I have noticed a curious phenomenon. I too had the problem refered to by Christiaan (above) >>3) all printers are missing from the VW print dialogue box so we can't print For some reason moving my Vectorworks folder out of the (default) "Applications" folder to another that I have created on my machine called "Applications (X)" brought the printers back... moved the folder back to "Applications", the printers disapeared again. Printers seem to be gone unless my vectorworks folder is in any folder OTHER than the default applications folder... (yes I have repaired permissions for my machine) Printers also are present when logged in as root though my normal day to day account is administrator...
  16. Ethan wrote: THE "STILL NOT FIXED": STILL no mouse wheel support in Layer/Class windows for MacOS?? This functionality is also missing from "Replace Symbol" window, "Edit View" window, and countless others. I would like to see this remedied as well as allowing more general resizing of dialog boxes that have long lists of variables. Not to mention eliminating more of the modal dialog boxes infavor of controls ala Cinema 4d. I am guessing that these are pretty trivial to implement from a coding standpoint and others are not and that NNA simply has devoted the resources to adding features rather than fine tuning what is there already. The long standing dockable palettes on the Mac request would be great too. I understand this is non-trivial and woud require a lot of work. On the plus side, a mouse wheel compliant scrollbar has been implemented in the OIP (which by the way does seem considerably more responsive). This is a significant improvement. thanks David Rosenfeld
  17. yes... even though the OIP registers the window as an object (of course) the wall moves as a unit.. i actually have to resist the impulse to nudge a window as well David R.
  18. This may have been discussed before... Is it possible to nudge a window (or door) in a wall by using the nudge keys alone? I cannot seem to find a way to do this... Thank You all, David Rosenfeld
  19. even better, set the text size to .01 points and you really CAN'T see it.
  20. Hi Katie, Have you actually verified that the favorites tab works on OS X? thanks David Vectorworks 11 OS X 10.3.4 Dual 2ghz G5 3.5 GB RAM
  21. Thanks for the response. In that case let me report a bug... the favorites tab is not in evidence (on the Mac) in Explorer, Camino, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla,Netscape or OmniWeb Thanks David Vectorworks 11 OS X 10.3.4 Dual 2ghz G5 3.5 GB RAM
  22. Hi, Referring specifically to my previous posts, I was asking if the "favorites tab" WITHIN the VW 11 help system is available, not just the help system generally which does launch successfully in the browsers mentioned above. Thanks, David Vectorworks 11 OS X 10.3.4 Dual 2ghz G5 3.5 GB RAM
  23. Hi Katie or anyone else,. Let me put it another way... Can the favorites tab of the Vectorworks 11 help system be accessed on any browser running OS X? Thank you, David Vectorworks 11 OS X 10.3.4 Dual 2ghz G5 3.5 GB RAM
  24. Hi, Has anyone using VW11 and OS X (10.3.4) been able to access the "favorites" tab in the online help system? I have tried a variety of browsers: Explorer, Camino, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, and the favorites tab is not in evidence... Java is active. Thanks, David Vectorworks 11 OS X 10.3.4 Dual 2ghz G5 3.5 GB RAM
  25. question: is it possible to create a "tilted wall" ie: a parametric wall that is not "plumb" (not referring to the plumb conditon of the wall ends, but to the wall faces) thanks
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