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  1. Chiming in here.. on these files2018 SP4 vs 2019 SP1:

    Update all viewports was significantly slower in 2019 (around 15 seconds) as compared to 2018 (around 2-3 seconds.)

    My question would be, is the 2019 pergola file a conversion of the 2018?.. are any settings, especially caching settings different between the 2 files?

    I noticed that the 2019 version of the file is slightly smaller 4.2 MB as opposed to 4.3MB for the 2018 version...



  2. I recently bought a new machine that came with Mojave and it was fairly easy to just erase the drive and install High Sierra on a brand new machine..

    The hard part is for someone who has updated to Mojave, to roll back to High Sierra on a machine that has been extensively set up and contains many files..

    At the moment, as far as I am aware, no currently shipping machine that ships with Mojave is incompatible with High Sierra..



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  3. Searched, but to no avail.

    Jim (or anyone)... do we know hardware/OS requirements for 2019 yet?

    Pardon if this has already been covered.. I couldn't seem to find references to any discussion..

    If there is already a topic could someone point to the link?



  4. As far as I can tell, windows can be labeled sequentially using the ID Label tool after a window has been placed in the drawing, and then the auto-increment setting has to be checked.

    Also, no way to re-number windows automatically if one is deleted or added, once again it's through the ID Label tool, manually clicking on each window.

    If anyone knows different... let us all in on the secret..

  5. This may be the implication.. however with software testing and QA in general, single examples are often anomalies that don't necessarily describe the experience that many users have

    I wonder then if the Migration Manager is what is precipitating this issue. I chose not to use it, given that I like to start with a clean out of the box slate & then customize.

    It would be interesting to learn if those users with the ElCap issue all used Migration Manager.

  6. And to add a bit more info to the thread here.. initially, I used the VW migration manager and there were some relatively minor glitches that I was unhappy about and in the end did a re-install, opting to NOT use the migration manager during the installation process ending with the stable config that I seem to have now... once again if that stability changes appreciably, I will notify. So for me.. the path to El Cap and VW 2016 has been very seamless..

  7. on El Cap here, on an ssd, I actually updated Yosemite this time.. usually I would do a clean install with an major OS update.. this time not..

    I'm having no problems so far with 2015 or 2016, everything is smooth, and files converted from their 2015 versions open more quickly in 2016..

    Updated with SP1, also so far no issues.. if something does crop up I will notify the board..

  8. Thanks Chris,

    I went ahead and took the plunge and installed El Cap.

    So far the only glitch seems to be an increase in the incidence of docked palettes

    becoming "un-docked" between restarts of the computer.

    I'm doing residential design, file sizes 50-200 MB, 12-14 to maybe 40 sheets probably an equal number of design layers. a small number of referenced files. I'm on an older machine, somewhat more recent video card, performance seems more or less similar to VW 2015.. I am on a fast SSD as my boot drive, that certainly helps with opening larger files.. and loading assets, obviously not with rendering or other processor bound actions. I can post more details if anything of interest pops up..

  9. ^^ another strong agreement for leaving RW as part of the package.. not that NNA was necessarily contemplating this, but mandating the use of an external app to get rendering seems wrongheaded.. yes, better C4D round-tripping etc but I for one would be super disappointed if this occurred.

  10. I find that with the left hand doing many hot-key combos, that spacebar (with the left thumb) + mousing more ergonomic in that it just requires less effort in the mousing hand.. might be a subtle difference, but it's more comfortable to me..

    also, I have my middle mouse button mapped to spaces and mission control..

  11. Chiming in here.. I have the same issue: the using the space-bar to boomerang to the pan tool randomly stops working.

    FYI I just updated to SP4 and the issue still exists.

    Restarting always works to restore the function, quitting Safari always works (so far).

  12. Hi

    In this case, it is a lot easier to create a new, one story high texture section in an image editor – based on the two existing textures - and just map that texture onto the wall.

    In this scenario I would suggest this as well.


    I'm curious as to why you are suggesting this method in this case

    instead of the use of a wall component.

    Seems like the ability to create wall components that obey level heights is

    a very powerful capability that would work well in this case... automatically following door and window openings etc..

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