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  1. 1 minute ago, zoomer said:

    I have a standard SSD+HDD in a TB2 enclosure.

    About every 2nd day after a few wake ups it says I have not ejected properly.

    In very rare cases I even have to reconnect manually. Sometimes my Finder

    Windows went back to default drive therefore.

    My issue was similar.. drives "ejecting" improperly during sleep.. in my case it also resulted in some RAID corruption as I mentioned.. at least in my case, setting my energy saver as shown above seemed to do the trick and this has not recurred.. I hope this si something that apple can fix with a patch rather than being something inherent in the new hardware..

  2. 18 hours ago, line-weight said:

    I have 3 monitors + USB hubs running (mostly) fine on an M1 mini.


    @line-weight Could you describe how you are running 3 monitors? 

    Is it a scheme whereby your screens are connected through a hub rather than directly?


    Also if anyone in the group has recommendations for a hub that works well with a mini (especially the "mini sized" type).. I'd appreciate a recommendation.

  3. 42 minutes ago, fuberator said:


    This was my logic. It was not easy getting rid of the trashcan. And when the next batch of upgraders wakes up as new macs come out the market will flood. 


    I think its a no brainer if you can do without all the TB ports. 


    I got a macminishaped usb hub with a 2.5'' drive enclosure as well and have not had a single moment of regret so far even i if loved the trashcan. Best machine ever built imho. 

    which hub did you go for?

  4. I think another factor to weigh when making this decision.. yes, the current M1 is not a huge improvement over a 2013 trashcan..

    It is however more fluid in OpenGL.. that's nice.. and the performance is better, though not by a huge margin.

    But, I would assume that as time goes on and Apple Silicon becomes more ubiquitous, that the Trashcan and other Intel models 

    will likely crash (or greatly decrease) in resale value.. so now is a better time to transition if one wants to get a bit more $$ out of 

    selling an existing machine.. I'm guessing that I'll either make a few dollars or at least come close to break even when I sell the 

    2013 Pro.. there's still a market at this moment.. that'll get worse over time..

  5. Received my M1 Mini today: 

    Used migration assistant to transfer from my Trashcan Mac Pro to the new machine.. so far I'm impressed.. everything has gone quite smoothly.

    As I open some VW files, I'll let you know how it goes.



      Model Name: Mac mini

      Model Identifier: Macmini9,1

      Chip: Apple M1

      Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)

      Memory: 16 GB

      System Firmware Version: 6723.101.4

      OS Loader Version: 6723.101.4

      Serial Number (system):XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



      Activation Lock Status: Enabled


    M1: cinebench

    multicore: 7563

    single core: 1504


    Mac Pro: cinebench

    multicore: 5316

    single core: 742


    Results from Geekbench 5:


    Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 9.29.44 PM.png

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  6. On 4/22/2021 at 2:58 AM, fuberator said:


    As long as rendering in VW is CPU based it will always be slow. Same for C4D or any other 3D program. Fast rendering needs GPU cores, at this point you dont even get that for free in C4D. The one boost you can feel is openGL.


    My M1 mac mini blows my mac pro 2013/6core/32GB out of the water in 3D movement of a complex scene with openGL+ambient occlusion.


    I’m considering the M1.. what sorts of projects have you been doing on yours? Any further comments on performance?

  7. 1 hour ago, hollister design Studio said:

    Two thing I don't have a handle on.


    How do I select a hidden face?

    1. I select object I want to push/pull

    2. if face is behind I Alt select

    3. but if object is hidden by another geometry VW doesn't follow the expected ' select face from selected object, but selects faces from any object. Effectively making it impossible to directly select.

    Select Coincident Objects' doesn't seem to be an option here (greyed out in my right click)

    What am I missing?



    My current work around:

    1. Faces B, C, D, and E are automatically highlighted - but the face I want, A, is not.

    2. I select B and pull it out

    3. I can now select A and push it to snap into position

    4. I select B again and push it back to original position.



    This often works in a simple situation like the screen grab, but often with interior geometry I have to select object and move them to a "HIDEN' design layer and then move them back.

    Plus that's a lot of steps for a simple face edit - simpler method?




    Second Question:

    1. I 'taper face' a corner face to 45deg

    2. I need to  push/pull is into a new position as dimensions have changed.

    3. push/pull 'extrude face' and 'move face' both seem to extrude in the direction of the face normals?


    How do I  "extrude along edge" to use the 3D vernacular?




    would it make sense to go back to the Taper Face tool, and modify that face back to the desired angle?

  8. 2 hours ago, rDesign said:

    In light of the new Materials functionality in Vw2021, I would like to see an in-depth workflow video on using Materials and Worksheets for estimation of material cost / quantity take-offs. Preferably using styled Walls / Slabs / Roofs with components, as well as styled Doors & Windows. Thanks.

    Since I do primarily design build, that's an excellent summation of what I've been thinking..  as well as advanced use of all data, data tags, worksheets, etc.. which are so useful for putting together both material costs, and keeping track of code requirements, sq. footage, footprint etc etc etc..  the uses are so numerous.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Christiaan said:

    Ha, yes, I submitted my own but it didn't even make the cut. I agree with your analysis but I think urgency is still not winning the day. It seems to me that somebody at Vectorworks is still winning the argument that these tools can't be the priority.


    P.S. remember to upvote.

    I submitted a similar question as well.. seems like they don't really want to address this in a public/live forum..

  10. To add some more info here.. In Big Sur latest beta and VW Designer 2020 SP5, I spent the last few days working in a file doing some simple things.. (corrections for a permit cycle) doing a lot of annotation editing in viewports, clouding, callouts etc.. and experienced no issues whatever..

    This is simple stuff.... not modeling, stair tool etc..BUT.. I hope it bodes well for 2021 and Big Sur. (YMMV)

    I do NOT recommend anyone try this unless they have backups of both system AND all of the VW assets that you're using...

  11. On 8/19/2020 at 10:43 AM, zoomer said:



    That is nice to hear.

    As I already switched to Big Sur 😉

    @zoomer any feedback on Big Sur? I have an external disk with Big Sur to play around with, looking for compatibility issues and VW2020 seemed stable..

    That's just playing around with some existing files, and not extensively.. what are your experiences..

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