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  1. Brief description of my experiences so far with the M1, this is not a recommendation, just a report. Mac power user for many many (many) years.. I went for 16GB of RAM with a 1TB SSD, Though I've done many clean installs, I decided to give migration assistant a try this time and the process was flawless as far as I can tell. I was on a trashcan pro, 6 core D700 64GB RAM, Big Sur.. all updates incl. VW 2021 SP3. The experience could not have been much easier, at the end of the Migration the new machine appeared virtually identical to the old. I'm running dual monitors.. primary is a 32" BenQ, running off TB port on the M1 connected with a TB to Displayport cable, the other monitor is connected via HDMI. No issues with sleep regarding monitors, monitor recognition et. al. I have an OWC RAID connected via TB for content storage and Time Machine.. here is one rub: one of the RAID sets would lose integrity and need to self repair if I let the machine completely sleep, so I have set my energy saver preferences as shown.. the problem has not recurred. Vectorworks is running smoothly, all preferences and workspaces were migrated correctly .. I initially noted some funny flickering doing rotations of a smallish residential project in Open GL, which seems to have gone away, and I can't reproduce the problem, so not sure what's up there... so far literally everything I have needed to do has worked seamlessly... It's not high stress.. but fully modeled small residences including site models are working very smoothly, Rendering performance in all of the modes has become quicker, though not radically so.. especially noticeable in Hidden Line.. obviously this is totally anecdotal.. as always YMMV. A side note, Trashcan sold very quickly on eBay for more than enough to pay for the swap.. in summary, I'm a very happy camper..
  2. @line-weight Could you describe how you are running 3 monitors? Is it a scheme whereby your screens are connected through a hub rather than directly? Also if anyone in the group has recommendations for a hub that works well with a mini (especially the "mini sized" type).. I'd appreciate a recommendation.
  3. which hub did you go for?
  4. I think another factor to weigh when making this decision.. yes, the current M1 is not a huge improvement over a 2013 trashcan.. It is however more fluid in OpenGL.. that's nice.. and the performance is better, though not by a huge margin. But, I would assume that as time goes on and Apple Silicon becomes more ubiquitous, that the Trashcan and other Intel models will likely crash (or greatly decrease) in resale value.. so now is a better time to transition if one wants to get a bit more $$ out of selling an existing machine.. I'm guessing that I'll either make a few dollars or at least come close to break even when I sell the 2013 Pro.. there's still a market at this moment.. that'll get worse over time..
  5. Received my M1 Mini today: Used migration assistant to transfer from my Trashcan Mac Pro to the new machine.. so far I'm impressed.. everything has gone quite smoothly. As I open some VW files, I'll let you know how it goes. Model Name: Mac mini Model Identifier: Macmini9,1 Chip: Apple M1 Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency) Memory: 16 GB System Firmware Version: 6723.101.4 OS Loader Version: 6723.101.4 Serial Number (system):XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Hardware UUID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Provisioning UDID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Activation Lock Status: Enabled M1: cinebench multicore: 7563 single core: 1504 Mac Pro: cinebench multicore: 5316 single core: 742 Results from Geekbench 5:
  6. I took the plunge and ordered an M1.. I'll report back in a couple of weeks on performance, dual monitors etc...
  7. Another question to the group: Anyone using dual monitor on the M1? Any thoughts?
  8. I’m considering the M1.. what sorts of projects have you been doing on yours? Any further comments on performance?
  9. FWIW: Here is a geekbench comparison between my 2013 Mac Pro 6 core 64 GB RAM and an M1 Mac Mini: https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/compare/7591582?baseline=7586338
  10. I actually quite like the Logitech MX Master 3
  11. Hi, just checking, and "move face" seems to do what you're looking for.. I don't mean to confuse your search for an answer..
  12. would it make sense to go back to the Taper Face tool, and modify that face back to the desired angle?
  13. Designer 2021 running under 11.0.1, (previously using the beta for a couple of months) very stable.. no issues as yet.
  14. this is very handy.. @PatStanford suggestion still works properly in 2021
  15. There is some interesting content from Europe on the VW University site that could be made doubly useful if there were english sub-titles made available..
  16. Since I do primarily design build, that's an excellent summation of what I've been thinking.. as well as advanced use of all data, data tags, worksheets, etc.. which are so useful for putting together both material costs, and keeping track of code requirements, sq. footage, footprint etc etc etc.. the uses are so numerous.
  17. I submitted a similar question as well.. seems like they don't really want to address this in a public/live forum..
  18. To add some more info here.. In Big Sur latest beta and VW Designer 2020 SP5, I spent the last few days working in a file doing some simple things.. (corrections for a permit cycle) doing a lot of annotation editing in viewports, clouding, callouts etc.. and experienced no issues whatever.. This is simple stuff.... not modeling, stair tool etc..BUT.. I hope it bodes well for 2021 and Big Sur. (YMMV) I do NOT recommend anyone try this unless they have backups of both system AND all of the VW assets that you're using...
  19. Just for information, this is a fresh install of VW Designer 2020 SP5 on an external SSD, (same disc as the OS) I did not do any customization of VW (I do have custom workspaces and commands on my main install) Don't know if that has any relevance.
  20. trashcan mac, 2020 sp5, beta 5 of Big Sur.. I don’t have this issue. exit edit button displays normally
  21. @zoomer any feedback on Big Sur? I have an external disk with Big Sur to play around with, looking for compatibility issues and VW2020 seemed stable.. That's just playing around with some existing files, and not extensively.. what are your experiences..
  22. Very longtime user here... I fully agree with the contention that the icons in 2020 are a serious drag on productivity.. one can only hope that this will be remedied.. undoubtedly, 2021 is pretty frozen in terms of features.. I guess we’ll see very soon..
  23. hi @FBernardo did SP4 resolve your issue? Seems to be better here..
  24. I did a fresh install of 2020 SP4, I'll report back re: whether this shows up again
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