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  1. I recently used graphic legends developing a kitchen project... worked very well for what I was looking for, the layout took a bit of fiddling

    and it's hard to eliminate unnecessary white space as seen below the vertical size of each cell is keyed to the cabinet that's' tallest...

    and the layout for the others isn't ideal. Does anyone know a workaround?

    But I'm really liking the convenience..Screenshot2023-11-16at10_25_07AM.thumb.png.cb96576c0afad83220121da33ded01ed.png

  2. 27 minutes ago, grant_PD said:

    @dtheory looking through your website you'll probably be happiest heading into twinmotion/lumion/enscape.  They are all fast gpu style renderers and pretty easy to get used to.  I would think the complexity of C4D or some other 3d modeling program+renderer will be too overwhelming for what you produce.  

    Thanks for the feedback, I was a user of C4D in the past, and yes, it's really not justifiable for what I'm doing now. I'm currently exploring TwinMotion.

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  3. Pardon me if this has been covered.. seems like the subject is in flux.

    Anyone want to chime in with recommendations for a supplemental renderer for VW Designer.. anything from free on upward..

    I'm a solo operation, so probably biased toward low cost and speedy renders.. (pick two.. cheap good or fast!).


    Thanks all..

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  4. Hi All,


    Is anyone aware of a worksheet criteria that would allow the extraction of square footage (or square inches, whatever) of cabinet doors and/or drawer fronts?

    I can ballpark this with cabinet width and height, however, on this project, I have a significant number of "two sided" cabinets, and it would be convenient to extract the 

    square footage of those parts for estimating purposes, also possibly extract numbers for different door materials such as solid slab, shaker, or glassfront..



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