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    Cnc Export Interiorcad Xilog Plus

    Dear, We have bought vectorworks and Interiorcad in September, till now we are unable to use the Cnc export because of several mistakes. Are there other people here who are working with xilog maestro? How can this be solved? These are out 2 main problem at this moment which makes it impossible to use the Cnc export at this moment. - When we are doing several drillings (for example shelve pins) It is recognizing every drilling as a seperate operation instead of a grouped drilling. Meaning that the Cnc would go to it's base station after every drilling, then to return and drill the next one, ... If you are having a 2700mm long side with over 150drill this is really a huge waste of time. - On our standard cabinet boxes we are making an 8.3mm groove for the backs to slide in the sides. However if we are making this grooving and doing the Cnc-export we are unable to open this drawing because the grooving is giving us an error. If we are removing the groove we can open the drawing without any problem on our xilog Maestro.


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