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  1. This file keeps randomly crashing

    I think it's mostly happening when working on a sheet layer.

    I think also the service pack was recently updated - possibly SP3?


    I've got a pretty powerful PC so not sure why i am having this problem

    I've attached my PC info and the file itself in case anyone can find anything obviously wrong with it!



  2. I'm trying to create a section viewport on a really simple model of a house

    there's nothing unusual about it!

    but when i create section viewport (to a new or existing sheet layer) i just get a tiny box with a red X cross in it.

    I've tried making sure the layers and classes are on and messed around with a few settings but nothing seems to work

    2020-03-24 (4).png

  3. What is the best way to achieve a timber cladding finish?

    it seems you cant get a prominent plank bump and a wood texture at the same time


    i might have to manually cladding the building in 3D rectangles!


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