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  1. We have started using spaces in our models as they substantially speed up our workflow, however they are making our published PDFs massive... a typical 3 bed house project has gone from ~1.5MB to 0ver 27MB! Only deleting the spaces allows the file to be published normally, not including the spaces in the viewport classes has no effect. Can anyone give me any pointers to get around this as I'd really like to keep using spaces as they are really useful but are making it impossible for us to share PDFs sensibly.
  2. Thanks for the tips, it's a shame about the lack of file manipulation functions - but not the end of the world. Putting the script in the template and running it from there is the approach I have gone with, just thought it would have been nice for the script to handle the file creation and saved a couple of clicks (lazy I know!) One other question though - the script selects objects on an imported layer and copy & pastes them to a different layer. I want to paste it in the middle of the "page" as the template contains viewports targeted at this layer. When it was manual I'd just click in the middle and then paste. The closest I've got so far with scripting is DoMenuTextByName('Fit To Window',0); DoMenuTextByName('Paste',0); and it works mostly but every now and then it pastes off centre. Is there a better way to do it?
  3. Hi. I'm trying to create a script that imports a dwg file and reformats it - I've got the script working but wondered if there is any way to create a new document based on a template at the beginning of the script as that is the only manual step left?


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