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  1. Hi, I'm seeing strange behavior from the Window/Palettes menu on 2021 for Mac. I'm on a 2019 iMac running Catalina 10.15.4. The menu titles and their corresponding shortcuts seem to be "off by one". For example, selecting Window/Palettes/Object Info from the dropdown, or using the corresponding keyboard shortcut command-I, opens Working Planes. Selecting Window/Palettes/Working Planes, or typing shift-command-K, opens the Resource Manager. And so on. Thoughts?
  2. Hi Nikolay, This does seem to solve the issue - but the TB in that TBB style has been set to By Instance since I defined the style, several files ago. I haven't been switching the TB between By Style and By Instance in the style (or in the instance on the sheet for that matter). When using the TBB tool to insert an instance of the TBB style, the TB would initially be present and operating normally. Then, once I edit the TB within the TBB style a handful of times, the TB seems to disappear apropos of nothing. My edits are all occurring in the graphics and type of the TB itself, not with any By Instance or By Style buttons. I realize that this is not the normal workflow - usually the TBB instance would be placed in a drawing, and one would edit the instance, instead of the style. I've been developing this TBB style and learning how this all works, so I've been doing a lot of fiddling about as I learn. ūüôā
  3. Hi Nikolay, Just sent. Look forward to hearing whether or not you find anything conclusive.
  4. Hi, I have been able to reproduce this by placing an instance of a saved Title Block Border on a Sheet Layer, then editing the saved Style for an extended period - maybe twenty minutes or so. Eventually, the Title Block always disappears from the Title Block Border. Only the Sheet Border remains. I can still access the Title Block by editing the saved Title Block Border Style - it just disappears from the placed instance.
  5. Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time. You're right, I do need to create objects in most of these cases - often these are structures that will be submitted to a scenic shop for construction, so all dimensions are critical.
  6. Thanks Kevin. Will ping the graphics team. Still want to understand how this works though - is it possible to use a white graphic with no background as an image-based color shader in a texture?
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble applying a white graphic to an extrusion. The final rendering will represent signage at a trade show - white type on a red background. I have a logo png with a white typeface and no background. Does VW interpret an empty/clear alpha channel as white, then in this case, create an all-white file that can't be masked? Or am I completely misunderstanding how this works? Appreciate any info, JAC71


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