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  1. Hey Joseph. This did not work! So sorry to bug you guys with this...
  2. I will give it a shot! Thanks Joseph for your time!
  3. Thank you Nicole, I didn't realize there was a request - then approval - my mistake. My issue now is an "Error Loading Vision Library". I have dumped preferences and dumped the run time cache from the 2018 folder as well?? Any ideas?
  4. Greetings Vectorworks community. I have recently completed the process to extend my student use license. Upon a clean install of VW2018 and a wipe of all system preferences, I am getting a couple of strange messages. First is - "An attempt to activate over the Internet has failed because of communications problems." Second is - "Vectorworks cannot be activated because your software license has expired." Then the program shuts down. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, Amanda
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