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  1. Thanks Katie, i'll only speak by myself, here in Venezuela we have a distribuitor but when you want the final price they need to contact the people in Brasil so i have to wait the answer about 15 days and if i want to order the product the waiting time is around 15 more days, so even with slow connection i'll have my product faster via download. I think you can make the download in differents parts so if you lost the connection you don't lose all megas that you had downloaded. Cheers JC PS. Sorry for my english
  2. You have my vote aswell, but i'll add the option to buy and download (worldwide) new lincenses online, many companies has adopted this way in order to boost their sells (i know there are distribuitors but if you want use the product right away you may have the option to download only or download and shipping the box via distribuitors). To name some companies that they have instant download: Luxology (Modo), NextLimit (Maxwellrender and Realflow), Cheetah3D, Adobe, etc. Cheers JC
  3. P Retondo i don't think that only be a appearance factor, at least in my contry before you can start to build any estructure you must send the blueprints to the main office of engineering in order to they can check the blueprints, if some employee reviews the blueprints with a ruler and if in the remote case this happens the blueprints are given back so that they are corrected. You understood perfectly what meant with the colinear join. Yes please, via OIP change the reference line. Cheers JC
  4. Hello everyone. 1- I would like the Ellipse tool have many ways to bulid it, for example by Center: First click in the middle of the ellipse second in the end of that radius and then click to assign the last radius. And the second method by Axis: First click and drag in order to make the complete axis and then another click in order to asign the radius for the last axis. (Hope i explained good) 2- When you assign a line thickness to lines or open polys etc. the thickness change the total lenght of the object (for example: draw a line, assign a huge thickness and you can see that the thickness make the line longer so when you plot or print and measure of this line the length is no correct. 3- That would be nice if the wall have a guide line in order to change the thick by the side that you want, no like now where if you change the thick the wall change by the middle. 4- Make a new join in order to make a "join" for Colinear wall of different thick. Cheers JC PS. Sorry for my bad bad english PS2. I'm working with VW 11.x.x yet and waiting for the 13
  5. Hello everyone. I think that would be great if NNA sell VW via online with instant download, many many products had adopted this way in order to rise their sales and be nice to the client that doesn't have to wait until the product arrive. For example of product have the instant download purchase: Vue of e-onsoftware, Photoshop, MaxwellRender, Modo, Onyxtree, ZBrush, Silo, etc. Please NNA make this great product available via instant download with credit card and paypal or other way. PS. I thinking too in those people that doesn't have any distributors in their country. PS2. Make the buy so easy as easy is your software.
  6. I second that, this is soooooooooo anoying and pointless. JC
  7. Yes, I agree with you. Highlight the objects should be a nice feature no matter if they are on front or behind others objects. I could see this feature on AutoCad 2006 (sorry to say that, jejejeje) have this feature it make "dash" perimeter (boundary) lines of the objects without select the object, just drag the pointer on the objects and highligth them. this feature is turneable ON-OFF. JC
  8. Hello. I have this bug when I draw a wall and hit the "esc" key then the wall preferences keep grey and I have to select another tool and return to the wall tool in order to change separation or another preference in this tool, this happen idem with the double line tool and double line polygon tool, I'm on Mac 10.3.9 the permission are repair and this happen before with MacOS 10.2.8. VW 11.5.
  9. I agree with Larry, we need nudge symbols and PIO when they are insert into a wall.
  10. Hi. Let me try to explain... well when I draw any object rectangle, polygon or whatever and assign any color no matter is fill or pen color, the color I choose I can view in the object... but in the color palette show other color for better understanding I make a example the link is [/img] If the link doesn't work try this www.photobucket.com . As you can see the color of the selected object doesn't natch with the Attributes palette. I have G4 dual 867 mhz, MacOS 10.2.8, 768 RAM, NvidiaGeForce4MX, VW 11.5.0, I repair permisson before I wrote this message. Plase help me.
  11. If the plugin is not insert in wall put in Top view (not Top plan) and convert it to object then make it a symbol and "voil?" you can rotate the symbol in any direction on any view, of course the plugin no more exist but worse is nothing. Sorry for my english.
  12. In order to improve the efficiency and the quality of the program I would like to call the attention of the NNA team on the following points: 1.- In the curved handrail show in the object palette; why when the RADIUS is equal or higher than the OVERALL ANGLE in a 3D view the horizontals rails keep straight? Example: A) Create a new document B) Draw a curved handrail C) OIP- OVERALL ANGLE type 10? RADIUS type 60' D) Change to 3D view (TOP) Note: This happens for either VERY HIGH or LOW 3D and 2D resolution. 2.- Why the ROUND WALL is not really a WALL? The question is because the DUPLICATE SYMBOL IN WALL command doesn't work on ROUND WALLS. When we active the DUPLICATE SYMBOL IN WALL command warning message appears: "Pick a wall in wich to duplicate the active symbol". 3.- ATTACH HANDRAIL command doesn't work with the ramp command. 4.- Why on the OIP of the Door PIO both the door and the doorknob are related with the same command instead of being a command apart for each one. Thanks in advance for your response. VW 11.0.1 - MacOS 10.2.8 - G4 Dual 867 - 768 RAM
  13. Hi everyone. - Another issue with Round Walls, if you make two or more straight walls connected and move one of this walls (With CONNECTED WALLS MODE enable) the others walls adjust itself to keep the connection between those walls, BUT... If you draw a straight wall and round wall and connect it and if you move any of these walls (straight or round) the connection don't keep between those walls. - Auto healing walls when you delete any walls that are connected with other wall. - Please I want to make multiple selections of symbols or PIO's that are inserted in walls. Thanks in advance to all people of NNA and everyone who help in this forum to make a better and easy program. PD: Sorry for my english G4 Dual 867 / OS 10.2.8 / 256 RAM / VWA 10.5
  14. Andrew, thanks so much, and Anthony if you are on mac you can duplicate any symbol or Plugin Object (PIO) inside a wall keeping Alt/Option Key while you drag de Symbol or PIO inside the wall. G4 Dual 867 / 256 RAM / MacOS 10.2.8 / VW 10.5.0
  15. Hello everyone. -When I insert any symbol in a wall I can use the (Duplicate Symbol in Wall Tool) to duplicate the symbo,l but... when I draw a Round Wall and insert a symbol and try to use the (Duplicate Symbol in Wall Tool) a warning appears in the middle of my screen saying: "Pick a wall in which to duplicate the active symbol". Why???; so my cuestion is Round Wall are really a Wall???????. -Another wish item is the ability to nuge symbols inside walls (Doors, Windows, etc) I know if I disable (Wall Insertion Mode) and I pickup any symbols in wall I can move but... not Nudge. PD: Sorry for my english. G4 Dual 867 / 256 RAM / MacOS 10.2.8 / VW 10.5.0
  16. Hi Katie. To explain you better the problem, I make a video screen capture. It's a Quicktime video with size aprox. 220 KB compressed in a .zip file. In that video you can see that "jump" when I make a 3D rotation in OpenGL. What can I do to post the video in the forum or send you the file? Thanks in advance. PS: I remember to you that this does not happen in MacOS 9.2.2 only on MacOS X Dual G4 867 NVDA,Geforce4MX MacOSX.2 256 Mb RAM
  17. Hi Katie, thanks for your response. The 3D Rotation is set to DETAILED and the Retain Rendering Models is set to NEVER... I try different setups (3D Rot. RESPONSIVE and Retain Rendering Model ALWAYS - 3D Rot. RESPONSIVE and Retain Rendering Model NEVER - 3D Rot. DETAILED and Retain Rendering Model NEVER) Anything works. I have this problem always when I'm on MacOSX, but when I work on MacOS 9 this problem never happens.
  18. Hi everyone. I have a big problem with the OpenGL render redraw in my G4 Dual 867 with MacOS X.2 / VW 10.0.1, when I make any object (e.g. cube, cylinder, sphere or my custom building, anything) then I make a OpenGL render (with or without lights, textures or not, with 1 light or 100 lights) and rotate it I have a quick "jump" of my model between the original position and the final position this is so anoying, and when my model is to big the time of the "jump" is so long, no matter if the render settings of the OpenGL have low, medium, high or very high detail, this is always happen, but when i switch on MacOS 9.2 this problem never happen (WHY?) And my question is.... anyone else have this problem? PS: I think this is compatibility problem between VW and MacOS X.2 (Jaguar). PS 2: When I used VW 9.5.3 in MacOS X I have the same problem. Any solution for this big problem??????
  19. Hi everyone. This is a small list of things that improve the quality and speed of the work. -Different kind of arrow head in the same line. -When you draw a open polygon make available put arrow heads, (of course when you draw a close polygon this feature is not available). -The offset tool have to keep a polyline when the original object is a polyline (eg. make a polyline with lines and arcs then select all and compose this selection, when you have finished use the offset tool in any mode (by distance mode or point mode and you will see that second object (the copy) is a polygon...and try to edit this copy it is practically impossible and/or annoying. -Adjust the size of the Workspace Editor window. -When you use a "Line Thickness" in a line or anything it would be fantastic to be able to choose by where the thickness of the line grows by outside, on the inside or by the center. Thanks to all.
  20. ORIGINALLY POSTED: DOUBLE-CLICK COLLAPSE WINDOWS (VW 10.0.1) DATE POSTED: 04-22-2003 I agree with AppleFan, many programs come with collapse windows (windowshade) on MacosX, so I don't think there is a problem with OS. Here you have many examples of softwares with collapse windows (windowshade): MACROMEDIA FLASH MX ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS 5.5 MACROMEDIA FREEHAND 10 ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7 even MICROSOFT OFFICE X And all of this software are released before the VectorWorks make version 10 (I think). Please all NNA people pay attention for this words in name of all user of VectorWorks on MacosX. Thanks. VectorWorks 10.0.1 MacosX.2 G4 Dual
  21. 1.- I always use handrails tool, but the shape of rails (horizontal, vertical and intermediate) always has a square or rectangular shape, I wish if it is possible that they had other shapes like circle or custom polygons for make any handrails with the objective to make a perfect tool. 2.- In the curved handrail add in the OIP custom SEGMENT ANGLE (in the horizontal rails) to get a better resolution in 3D views (this does not depend on the resolution of the document, it's more like if you create a sweep object). For example try this: -Create a new blank document with units in METERS and the layer scale in 1:100, put the 3D and 2D resolution VERY HIGH, next draw a curved handrail and go to OIP and type this, in OVERALL ANGLE: 25 in the RADIUS: 50 and press enter or return, the last step put the STANDAR VIEWS in TOP, important not TOP PLANT, and you can see that the horizontal rails it loses the resolution of the curve.
  22. Hi. Thanks Marietta, I recently take the desicion for export the document in PDF because it is a program that has everybody. Thanks again.
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