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  1. OFC, Had the wrong meaning of lads in my mind. sry 🙄
  2. Ok Great ... thank you 😄
  3. That worked out. I can now select all the Walls. It was deselected, now i activate it but still can`t tun the door while drawing ok, but the Layout in Windows is more "complex" ? The menus looks different.
  4. Hello, im new to VW. I was trying to do this Tutorial. : Im using Windows and the Handling of Options, is complete diferent. -The guy in the video inserted the doors by clicking first and then moving the mouse for defining the opening direction. How can i do that on Windows ? if i click, it inserts direct. -The "Select Same" function dont works for me ... it shines red but then dont select anything. -The options for the doors (Swing bi-Part) dont exist on my version ... what i`m doing wrong? Running WV 2019 Spotlight. Windows 10 Thank you for the help 🙂


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