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  1. That sounds like a good idea, thanks! Could you describe me how I extrude contours as solids?
  2. My problem is not to to constrain the topography on the sides. I want that the lower base lines of the site model matches the heights of the ceiling of the parking lot. So that at any given point I can see the depth of soil I have and therefore know where I can plant trees. I basically need a cut-and-fill model, which shows me the depth of fill on the roof.
  3. The roof is basically above grade and on top of it we are planning our topography. Additionally we need to develop the adjacent sidewalks. Therefore, there will be also development outside of the borders of the parking lot.
  4. Yes, we are developing a park on the roof of a parking lot.
  5. I am working on a project in which we are building a campus on a parking lot. I want to create a site model which will sit on the model of the parking lot. The ceiling of the parking lot is complicated and has several inclines and different heights. I thought about a couple options how to do it, but none of them seems to work properly. Create a site model as existing with the heights of the parking lot ceiling and then add the contours of the final topography as proposed contour lines. The problem is, that I can not set my already imported 3D polys as the proposed contour lines. Additionally, I do not want to show any "skirt" which is lower that the ceiling of the parking lot. Is there a way to cut of visible parts of the "skirt" of the site model? In a way erasing the lower parts, which I do not want to show. Are there any other ways to reach my goal? The thing is, I need to export the model as an IFC in order to import it into a Revit model of the Architects. There it needs to sit of the parking lot building and show in some kind of way the depth of the soil I have from the surface to the concrete of the parking lot. Thanks a lot for any help.
  6. So, Robert Anderson continued his help per direct mail to me. In the end it turned out that my site terrain was just too complex. He used the "simplify 3d polys" tool on my imported topography lines and was able to reduce the size and therefore the complexity of the site terrain significantly. Thanks a lot again!
  7. The file is 500 mb. I can not manage to reduce it to 60 mb in order to upload it here.
  8. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2019 SP3 for Mac
  9. I have tried it in both. Unfortunately with the same result.
  10. Hey everybody, I have a complicated topography in my plan, which is apparently too big or too complicated to export to IFC. Therefore I decided to divide this element into multiple smaller site models. When I export the file to an IFC project the exported file shows only one of the site models. Is it possible to export only one site model per file? Do I need to specify the site models in a specific way in order to export all of them at once? Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Anna


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