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  1. HUH?? That doesn't answer what I asked at all. Which location are you referring to that I mention as being the correct one? And whichever is correct, why don't my client machines and users see that prefs file? Thanks! Steve
  2. Thanks for more info! I have VW installed on EACH client. I have copied the prefs file from a machine VW has been run on that has all 10 of the serial #'s entered. I have copied these prefs to the directory: server_hard_drive > Users > user_name > Library > Preferences ON THE SERVER. As each user logs on to the server from ANY client Mac, their home directory ON THE SERVER is mounted. Yet once mounted, the VW prefs file is NOT visble in the Finder browser and VW won't run as it thinks it is unregiatered. But in looking at the directory structure on the client that is accessing the server, I see this hierarchy: local_client_hard_drive > private > Network > Servers > server_name > Users > user_name > Library > Preferences where "private" is an invisble directory AND the wrong VW prefs file is in the prefs folder (becuase there are actually 2 prefs files - and I only see one). Any ideas on how to get the correct prefs files into this latter hierarchy and where exactly this is being read from? Thanks! Steve
  3. I have a license for 10 serial #'s for VW. I have a copy on each cleint machine accessing a server runnong Mac OS X Server. I need users to be able to log on to any client and run VW. However, each time they log on, it asks for a serial #. I know if I manually put the prefs files in, the serial numbers work. But when I put them in the prefs directory of the users home account, VW doesn't see them adn won't launch. How do I get VW to look in the USER prefs file (sever > Users > User_Name > Library > Prefernces) for its serial number info? Or should I put it somewhere else> I can't keep manually entering the serial number each time the app is launched by a user on a different machine. Thanks! Steve
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