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  1. To customize the default dropdown node "Popup", you have to remove the first line of code and then change the elements of the list in line 13. The example below shows a dropdown with the elements car, train and plane. @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Popup' ) this.SetDescription('This node shows a dropdown with the elements car, train and plane. The values returned by this node will be integers based on your selection starting with 0 for the first option and increasing by 1 for consecutive options.') #Input Ports #OIP Controls input = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Popup', Marionette.WidgetType.Popup, 0, ['Car', 'Train', 'Plane']) #continue with the standard code Remember that this node outputs integer values. so in the example above I added an Any-node with the selection list and a GetItem-node.
  2. A simple way to accept custom inputs in addition to the default values is to add a "Use custom value" entry to the dropdown. In addition, you need an input field in which you can do the custom input. Now you can choose with a simple "if" whether the value of the dropdown or the custom input should be used. I know you don't want to see a ready-made solution, but with a picture, it's easier to understand.
  3. Hi Paolo I don't now if it helps you but here is en Example, where you can choose an symbol in a dialog.
  4. Hello everybody I would like to create a menu command that works with selected objects. For this I use Objects by Criteria-Node. However, I'm not quite comfortable with the settings. What I want to do is always work with the currently active objects. One difficulty is that I only want to edit objects that I could edit with the computermouse at the moment. This means that when I am working in a group, selected objects outside of this group should not be listed, but those inside the group should be appear. The same goes for layers. Selected objects that are on another invisible layer should not be listed. What are the settings for this?
  5. There is a node under strings>operations that concatenates a list of strings.
  6. Zooming will not work (Zoomen wird nicht funktionieren)
  7. Yes, it's a self-scripted node, cause the standard Set Opacity node is not able to set the viewports opacity. Thanks for helping me.
  8. I know that it isn't possible to assign opacity to a VP. That's why I try to create a layer override with the desired opacity. Deckkraft = opacity The first script in the attached file should create a layer override for the layer EG-Arch. The second script should create a layer override for all visible or gray layers. The viewports on the right side shows the result I like to have. But it does not work the way I want.
  9. Ok, let me try this again. 1) Here I found out that vs.SetObjectVariableString() does not work. Or at least it does not work with the indices 1 to 1'000'000. If there is another idea of how code in a node can be changed, I would be very grateful to hear from it. 2) Here I can post a node of which I thought would work. But he does not. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Verlauf.vwx 3) For the third project I've found another solution without marionette.
  10. Funny way to transfer data without wires. I think another way to wirelessly transfer data would be to put the polylines of the wires on an invisible class (or delete them). However, I was not yet able to integrate this function into a script, because AFTER every execution and every movement of the node the geometry is recalculated. That means the conversion of the class remains irrelevant.
  11. Hello everyone I have some marionette projects where I am currently working on. 1) I want to build a translator tool for marionette nodes - of course with marionette. This because my English is about as good as that of the Google Translators (I think you’ll notice it) and I would consider not at each node a bit more specific what exactly this node does. So, a Translator would be nice. This network should be able to translate an existing network. I see two possibilities for that. a) The script is rebuilt with new nodes. The connections between the nodes could be very complicated with this solution. b) The code in the nodes is changed. I think this version is more realistic, have gladly corrected me. In order to implement b I would have to be able to edit the script in the node. Is that possible and if so how? A set node would suffice, because I can read out the names of the nodes from the content on the drawing. For the translations, I'm still undecided how I best save them. In a database, as texts in the drawing or in string nodes? If it should, be possible to read the script of the nodes, the translations could be stored also in nodes. (But that's probably a little far.) What is the best way to store such a large amount of strings? 2) On my second (and hopefully a bit easier) project Here, I want to change the transparency of a viewport. This works no longer via the attribute palette (I think in VW18 it still worked) To accomplish this anyway, the transparency of the displayed layer would have to be changed. I found a function in the DevWiki, which probably could do this. (SetVPLrOvrdOpty). But I am not able to implement this function in a node so that VectorWorks doesn't crashes when running the network. Maybe someone could help me here as well. 3.) And for the last project. I want to capture the objects from a design layer (not sure if the this is the correct name. In any case, the layer with the planheads) in a PIO and then rotate and move them. The resulting PIO will also be on a design(?) layer. However, moving the viewports (and possibly other objects. I could imagine that groups are too hard to move.) does not work. Is there a good solution to move all 2D-objects? I also tried move-nodes from @DomC but they all fails. (even the Move 2D-Node) Sadly, this problem has to be solved by a PIO, cause viewports referencing on a design(?) layer are not possible. If this would be possible this project would be useless. This project has the lowes priority for me. It's just a nice-to-have. Thank you for your help. Manuel PS: Please excuse my bad English. I try hard.
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