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  1. I am new to this Vectorworks 2020 I was using a much older one. i have a deadline in 5 days and need to export quality rendered images but they all take so long and I don’t know what’s happening? I was told to use custom renderworks on low or medium but they were terrible. I’m going to leave one rending over night on fast final renderworks. I managed to get one out using realistic exterior fast I think it was called. any help would be great as it’s soul destroying after all the work to not be able to Render and export tganjs
  2. having all sorts of issues do you think the fact i cant get into vector support is linked to the vector cloud? I have also forgotten how to find the AEC to find the volumes of the object can you remind me sorry!
  3. maybe i should also the vector works people over here!
  4. thanks for that! do you know why when i do search from within vectorworks help that the internet page is blank?
  5. yes dip here realised that you had to scale out once i did that things were manageable and its all ok now! I must admit im on 2019 and cant seem to get 2020 to download and even when i go to vectorworks help it connects to the net to a blank page? im having a few issues! thanks for your time!
  6. hi there thanks the issue has resolved. After 10 mins the drawing went coloured! my husband says its a RAM thing.....thanks for your help!
  7. I go to vector works help on the bar and it goes online to a blank page file:///Users/C/Library/Application%20Support/VectorWorks/2019/CSHRedirect.html this is making it super hard to learn the programme! Im on 2019 it keep asking for 2020 to download and it doesn't complete? i presumed it was the bad internet in our area?
  8. Ok got that working, now sheets and viewports, i manage to make one building on a sheet all rendered! then I duplicate and give it a different view ie say an axe then a elevation but are each of these a viewport? I cant see how to deselect to move everything around on a page? there are 4 images on the page each with red lines around them and I cant seem to activate each of them to move or make changes to them?
  9. think i have sorted it, there was a viewport layers properties pulldown which i switched them all on!
  10. Why is my building on a sheet layer not rendering all design layers, when you go into organisation sheet layer, viewports, it shows all layers as openGL, but it's not its just rendering the roof?
  11. Hi I have just opened 3 different vectorworks drawings and all of them are devoid of colour when rendered? There is some issue? Its going to take for ever to go to each object and reselect a material? I noticed on the render pulldown that it says 'careful' and won't shift from that? Help please Im worried my drawings are buggered?
  12. i just want tome more realistic humans for 3D drawings the old vector works had better ones that this? I dont get it?so neither of these above answers talk about adding to our library from online sites
  13. ok so how do I get the 3D image I have found into my resource manager after downloading onto my desktop, or new stairs or anything?
  14. no 3D please! Im just trying to import some things now and having trouble
  15. Hi the ones in my resource manager look terrible does anyone have any advise on where to get some that dont look crap?
  16. Newby here, or old person not very good at it! TOPIC: WORKING OUT VOLUME OF OBJECTS Im trying to work out the volume of an object and used the AEC, machine design, 3D properties tool, but don't understand the answer. If the object is a brick for example with a hollow core and a raised prong on top so the drawing was drawn with a subtract and add solid tools, the volume its giving me is Surface Area: 635.9e+003 mm2 Volume: 7.591e+006 mm3 but in terms of a volume what does that mean? 7.59mm3 (?) help please cheers Sara
  17. Hi, Im a newby so dont smash me for asking stupid questions. Im struggling with vectorworks 2019 architecture -i have been using an old one for ages and preferred it too! Anyway please help me out with libraries. I can see a resource manager but all content is empty? can anyone pls tell me how to find the resources. thanks
  18. Im searching the web to see if its cheaper to buy in US or UK as against Australia and its seems prices are nearly the same? it doesnt seem like there are many licenses for sale? and not many people talking about it!
  19. did you sell the license? if so how much please
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