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  1. Hey everyone. So, not sure why I am having this issue as I am not having it with any other object, buts here it is. I have a 1' Diameter cylinder in my drawing, it is extruded 9'6". I found a JPEG online that looked like what I needed to get my point across. I figured out how to import the image as a texture. However, when I click on the cylinder, I go to the attributes tab and set it's fill to Image, and I select the image. Nothing happens. I tried going into the OIB, Render Tab, and setting it to a texture, however, my imported image doesn't show up in that Resource Browser. I am currently working in the same class as the cylinder is, I have to class set to use at creation, and I am in the same Layer as the cylinder. When I open the Resource Browser and look at resources in my file, my imported texture/image shows up though. Any assistance would be amazing. Thanks.


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